Recently I installed some D-rings on the PJ trailer.  I needed to use 230V for my Miller 211 Auto-set,   but my house is not wired for 230V.  So I needed to use a generator and to do that I needed an adapter cord.  I looked high and low for the right adapter.  Hobart had just the one I needed.  It is made from 1.5’ heavy duty 8/3 STW cord so it will last forever and not short out.  The receptacle lights up when it is powered so you know that you are live.

hobart adapter

I was looking for quite a while for a solution to run my welder from my generator.  I even contemplated  making my own adapter which was not cost effective or safe.  Hobart has pretty much everything you need when it comes to welding.  Check out

hobart adapter 2

hobart adapter 5

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