Just when I thought I knew about new DeWALT tool releases, a DCR018 compact worksite radio showed up on my doorstep! It looks like the DCR015 had a baby. The new radio has a lot of commonality to its DCR015 sibling, except that it does not charge batteries. It can however run off of 20V MAX, 12V MAX, 18V XRP and Nano pack batteries. Obviously it does not have the sound quality of the DCR015 due to a single speaker. It is very portable and will fit in your tool bag or DeWALT Tough Box. The unit is a no brainer to operate. The buttons are big and easy to operate even with gloves on. The volume dial was designed to be rugged and easy to operate.

The LCD screen is simple and easy to read. A green back-light comes on whenever you hit a button to clearly show you the time and station you are tuned in to. The whip antenna on the back flips up to aid in reception. I don’t listen to terrestrial radio often. I use Pandora so I really love the side door feature on the DCR018. It is big to accommodate even the biggest smart phones and thick cases like an otter box. The 3.5mm Aux input works with every smart phone and mp3 player.  It also can charge your phone when plugged into AC power. Since the DCR018 uses a standard USB port it can charge hundreds of devices.

The radio weighs in at a little over 7 lbs and is as rugged as you can get. The DCR015 was shot up with a 9 mm and kept playing until the 5th shot which took out the battery. Obviously do not try that at home. We threw this radio around and it didn’t skip a beat! This is a great radio for just about anyone who needs a tough, portable radio. Even if you don’t have any DeWALT batteries, this still makes a great worksite radio. It can play your music and charge your phone too.I feel better knowing my phone is charged and protected when on a job site. The DCR018 is covered by a 3 year warranty.