Spring is my favorite time of year.  Not only do I get to be outside but I get to test mowers!  Last year we showed you the John Deere D170 tractor and this year we tested John Deere’s entry level zero turn mower the Z235.  It is a 20hp 42″ deck zero turn mower.  We got this unit from our local John Deere dealer, Buck Bros. I prefer the dealer experience to the big box stores.  Dealers have trained service technicians, a huge inventory and there is no one more knowledgeable about your mower than the dealer.  The Z235 is perfect for smaller lawns and tight areas.  A deck wash system allows you to keep your deck clean and free from grass buildup.  The first thing you notice about the Z235 is its size, it is small.  This was great for me, I am 5’8″.  Taller people may want to look for a bigger mower.

John Deere z235 1


John Deere z235 2

The 42″ deck is great, but the wheel base is the same, if not just a smidgen bigger than the deck.  This causes the wheels to come in contact with objects when making tight turns if you are not careful.  The lap bars on this mower are the smoothest I have ever used.  They have a precise, smooth, quality and fluid feel thanks to added shock absorbers.  The entire mower had a good quality feel to it.  John Deere really does a good job at making their units quality.  The powder coated paint job was flawless and the welds were top notch.  All of the controls are located on one side of the unit to make it easier for the operator.  The parking brake is a big, easy to use color coded orange handle on the left side of the unit.  To the right of that is the deck height adjustments.  This also has a removable handle that has a socket on one end to adjust things like the lap bars, tracking and to remove the floor to access the deck belts.

John Deere z235 15


John Deere z235 14

Under the seat is a covered storage compartment and a compartment that houses the fuses and battery.  Maintenance on this mower is easy, everything is designed to be easy access like the oil change tube and the removable top cover to clean out grass clippings.  The hour meter allows you to keep track of your maintenance intervals.  The Z235 mows at about 7 mph which is relatively fast, even through overgrown grass it left a nice cut and didn’t bog down once.  The mower holds 2.1 gallons of fuel.  There is no gas gauge on this mower, you cannot even see the tank or in it.  The only way to know when it runs out of fuel is when the unit stops from gas starvation. I would liked to have seen at least a clear plastic tank as a sight gauge.

John Deere z235 7

John Deere z235 6

This mower has a warranty of 24 months or 120 hours and has a an available mulching and bagging kit.  Overall you cannot go wrong with the Z235, it is a reliable, quality mower that will last for years and years.  You can’t ever go wrong wrong with a John Deere!