It is no secret that I like DeWALT, they usually build a good product that is on par or better than the competition. I have been using the DCD985 as my main cordless workhorse drill since it came out.  The 985 is a great powerful drill, but at over 5 lbs “with 3.0 Ah batteries” it really put some extra fatigue on my body. It is really designed to be used on heavy duty tasks.  The DeWALT DCD780 was a good alternative but I just didn’t like the plastic chuck.  A few weeks ago we attended a DeWALT media event where we first saw the DCD790D2.  I have to say I was more excited about the 20V vacuum and the DCF886 impact than I was about the DCD790D2 and DCD795D2 Hammerdrill.  A few days ago we got our 790D2 and I have to say it has blown me away.  This thing is perfect for 90% of all drilling  jobs out there.  It is light, powerful and has long run times thanks to the XR 2.0 Ah batteries.

Dewalt Brushless drill 2

Dewalt Brushless drill 1

Dewalt Brushless drill 3

Styling of the DCD790 is aggressive and ergonomic.  They did a good job of balancing the weight on the 3.5 lb drill.  It feels great in your hands just like all of DeWALT’s 20V MAX tools.  The LED light is at the base which is a departure from the 3 ring or above trigger lighting that we have seen on previous DeWALT 20V MAX products.  This does cast better than the above trigger design, but has a tendency to be easily obstructed in tight situations.  The XR means Extreme Run time and this 1/2″ drill packs power and run time.

Dewalt Brushless drill 5

Dewalt Brushless drill 6

Dewalt Brushless drill 7

We put our “Drill Killer” 1″ Milwaukee auger bit on and went to town on a log.  The drill augured through no problem on speed one (0-600rpm).  On speed 2 (0-2,000 RPM) the overload protection kicked in and shut off the drill.  This feature saves you from burning up the motor.  The metal chuck grips very well and ratchets down tight on your bit.  The adjustable clutch has 15 settings which gives it precision.  On the bottom is a removable belt clip and bit hold. You can put these on either side of the tool.  This kit comes in a plastic case with two 2.0 Ah batteries with fuel status gauges and a charger that will charge a battery in about 35 minutes.  This is a great compact drill that really shows off DeWALT’s XR and brush less technology.

Dewalt Brushless drill 8

Dewalt Brushless drill 9

Dewalt Brushless drill 11

Dewalt Brushless drill 12

For those of you that need a hammerdrill feature, they also have the DCD795D2 hammer drill.  It is just like the DCD790 but is a tad longer and heavier.  This tool will give you 0-34000 BPM for almost any masonry task.  According to DeWALT both tools put out 360 UWO which is DeWALT’s new standard of power output ratings.  Unfortunately DeWALT is the only one who uses it so we can only compare it against other DeWALT tools.  You will have to take our word for it, it is light and powerful.  Both tools are covered by DeWALT’s standard 3 year year warranty.  Eric used the tool and I could tell he was jealous and wanted it.  We even had an experienced handyman use the tools.  He was highly impressed with the ergonomics, power and run time. His exact words “It’s unbelievable”.