We went on a trip to Towson, Maryland this week to visit Stanley Black and Decker University.  What is it you ask?  It is a huge facility full of tools and building mockups that allows SBD to test new tools.  The event was great until the trip home.  Our flight was cancelled due to major storms in the Chicagoland area.  We had engagements back in the windy city that we needed to attend. The only option was to drive home.  We hooked up with our buddies from Concrete Construction Magazine and Professional Re-modeler Magazine, who are also from Chicago, rented an SUV and headed west.  We all took shifts driving and it was uneventful until we almost hydroplaned off an embankment at 80 MPH on the Chicago Skyway!  I wont divulge who was driving, but I can tell you it wasn’t the TIA staff!  We all arrived home safe around 4 am central time.  Enough about the traveling, let’s talk about the event.


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XR Extended Runtime –  This was the focus of the cordless power tool line up.  The new 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah batteries were put though their paces and we witnessed first hand the additional run time of these packs.  We  got a chance to check out the new brushless drills DCD790 and DCD795 and the DCF886 one speed brushless impact. The run time was impressive to say the least.



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20V Cordless Vacuum – This new vacuum comes in 2 flavors.  The DCV580 which is a battery power only version and the DCV581H that is powered by both batteries and AC power.  Both units can be powered by a 18V XRP stick pack or a 20V MAX pack.   I liked that everything tucks away nicely on the unit so you don’t have hoses or accessories dangling.  Other notable features are the  blower port and washable HEPA filter.



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18V XRP you are not forgotten – There are over 69 million 18V volt XRP batteries out there and most are still in use.  Not only do the new line of vacuums have a multi-port but they still develop and test 18V XRP tools and batteries.  We witnessed multiple 18V XRP tools being tested in their test center, including batteries.  I was told they are constantly testing and updating 18V XRP products and revise the tools as needed.



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Automotive Hand Tools – They had some new automotive style combo hand tool kits.  The PROTO inspired tools are designed for the mechanic.  They have a lifetime warranty, just call and they ship you a new tool no questions asked.  You do not even have to send the old one back. You will never guess where it will be sold?  Sears!  The DeWALT line will be a premium over the Craftsman.  Check out Eric’s buddy Barnaby from ToolSelect.com.



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Accessories – They showed off a nifty right angle attachments that can handle the torque of an impact wrench.  This saves the tradesman from carrying around multiple tools making his tool bag lighter.  They also showed off there multi-material bits which we checked out here.



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DeWALT XR Extreme Runtime Energy Drink – To keep you awake on the job they have formulated the perfect energy drink.  It will keep you awake and alert, so you can finish your task at hand.  According to one magazine editor it is like downing 62 Starbucks Grand Lattes in 30 seconds.  it will keep you up for 72 hours no problem. Ha! Just kidding, it was just a promo item for the event.

We cant divulge any more info, but there is something very cool coming from DeWALT this year.