If you have been following us you know that DeWALT makes the toughest storage solutions on the market with the Tough System.  The Tough System is great but what if you need a smaller option?  Luckily the TSTAK came along to fill that void, think Tupperware for men.  The TSTAK was designed from the ground up for the user, not just some rebranded existing storage system.  The TSTAK system is innovative, tough and is perfect for almost any task.  Unlike the Tough System,  there is no rubber seal on the TSTAKs to prevent moisture from getting in.  Right now there are 4 boxes available and a cart is coming soon. All of the boxes have areas where you can insert a a label and metal rust proof latches. All boxes are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.   None of the boxes are the same and each have a unique key feature which I will explain below.


TSTAK I – DWST17808 

Dimensions: 17.3″ L / 7.3″ W / 13″ H

This is the top box, it has a big handle that allows you to pick up the entire system when the other boxes are attached to it.  You can carry the box individually using the side handle also.  It weights 5.57lbs and holds up to 66 lbs.  The box has a 2 lids, one opens to reveal 7 compartments that are fixed and the bottom lid opens to reveal a big storage area.  All of the TSTAK boxes can be stacked on top and bottom except for this one, it has to be the top box.



Dimensions: 17.25″ L / 6.375″ W / 13″ H

This TSTAK closely resembles the TSTAK I only it has no compartments and is a big storage box.  You can stack and lock other boxes on the top and bottom of this box.  It is great for power tools and big items like chargers and batteries.  It weighs 3.96 lbs and holds 66 lbs.

Tstak III


Dimensions: 17.25″ L / 6.875″ W / 12.25″ H

This box is great, it has a pull out drawer that is on ball bearing slides.  It also locks shut via 2 plastic tabs on either side of the drawer.  Inside the drawer is a variety of enclosed plastic boxes to better manage your parts or screws.  You just pull the box out and take it to the job.  I could see using these to organize my shop.  It weighs 8.4 lbs and holds up to 16.5 lbs.



Dimensions: 17.25″ L / 6.875″ W / 12.25″ H

2 drawers separate this TSTAK from the rest of the boxes.  Like the III it has ball bearing slides to make the drawers open and close smoothly. It has the same locks as the TSTAK III.  Each drawer has dividers that can be custom configured.  The great thing about the drawers is that you don’t have to un-click other boxes to access your items.


Rugged, tough and priced right.  TSTAKs are the best all around storage system on the market today.  You cant go wrong with this storage system and rumor has it that a cart is on the way.  I would choose these over an Lboxx any day.  Lboxxs have no warranty while the TSTAK has a lifetime warranty.  The TSTAKS are also easier on your pocket book than the Lboxx.  If you are looking for a more sealed dust and waterproof system check out the the Tough System.




Check out Tool Skools in-depth video of the TSTAK