I knew someone was following me around and my wife just thought I was paranoid.  It turns out it was Bosch following me around from job to job.  They saw me struggling trying to get my big saw in and out of my truck and set it up.  Then that ingenious light bulb turned on at Bosch and they said let’s design this guy a saw that is easier to carry around.  Okay, maybe that is wishful thinking, who am I anyways?  Maybe it’s more logical like they actually talked with contractors and asked them what is one thing that would improve a saw.   They listened to the contractors and developed the CM12, one of the easiest saws to carry around.  It seems so simple.  It’s one of those things that you say to yourself, why didn’t I think of this.  Let me introduce you to the new 12″ Single Bevel compound miter saw.  A new way to make your job easier.

I have been using the Bosch Glide Saw for a while and love the saw, it’s my favorite saw, except when I have to transport it.  Most of my jobs I don’t need the capacity of the Glide saw, so that means I’m hauling something around that I really don’t need.  That’s why when we attended the Bosch event and I saw the CM12, I knew that was the tool I needed.  This was something I could actually carry around from job to job.  I could set it up anywhere I wanted to.  I didn’t have to worry about banging doors, bashing walls when walking up or downstairs, it was perfect.

One huge plus was Bosch decided to use a 12″ blade.  The blade is powered by a 15 amp motor and spins the blade at 4300 rpm.  A user can power the motor using an ambidextrous trigger handle which is very comfortable, even after long uses.  Looking at the front of the saw, it reminds me exactly of the Glide saw.  A nice sturdy table and everything in red is movable.  Bosch implemented a detent override in this saw also, making quick changes or fine adjustments.  As with some other saws, there is an expandable workpiece that expands up to 37″ for larger work pieces.

I love saws as they make my life so much easier.  I always get excited about the power of saws, but I never thought I would get excited about a simple handle.  The handle is what makes this saw so awesome.  There are two handles, one on top and one on the back.  The one on the back is really the key.  This is what makes the saw so portable.  Once you lock the saw in place and when the miter table is at 0°, this really makes it easy to carry around.  I can now carry my saw with one hand.  Before, I was always carrying my saws around with two hands.  When I got to a door I had to bend down to set the saw down, open the door and then bend back over to pick it up.  Once I entered the door, I had to do it all over again or try and kick the door shut with my foot, which clients don’t really like.  With the new design, I can carry the saw with one hand.  I can open and close the door without any problems or bending over.  If need be, I can even carry something else in my free hand.  Even just trying to carry this saw up and down stairs is much easier.  I am not banging into walls and making more work for myself.  Personally, I like locking the miter table at 45° and carrying it around as it makes it a little more compact.

The saw has a great cut capacity of 6″ max crown, 6-3/4″ max base against fence, 2×8″ at 0 degrees and 2″ x 6″ at 45 degrees cross cut.  There are 9 adjustable miter detents at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° left and right.  Not only does it have the miter detents, but it has the bevel detents at -2°, 33.9°, 45°, 47°.  All the numbers are very easy to read on the miter and bevel scale.  One awesome feature is the bevel adjustment.  You don’t have to reach around the backside.  There is a large red lever.  Just flip it down, which is easy and you are set to make your cut.  The saw also has Squarelock Quick-Release Fences.  This High-precision Squarelock fence aligns 90° to the table and requires no adjustment.

I have been using this saw a lot.  One thing I can tell you the saw is accurate.  Right out of the box, it was set up perfect.  I didn’t have to mess around.  I have been cutting a lot of tails with it and it just rips through the wood, just like Fat Albert rips through pies.

In my eyes, Bosch makes the best saws around.  They are sturdy and most of all accurate and dependable.  If you use your saw and move it around, this is the saw for you.  I can’t stress enough how nice it is to be able to finally carry a saw around and not have to struggle with it.  Yes, I will miss my Glide saw on job sites, but I won’t miss carrying it around.  I can leave it in my shop and when a job comes up where I need the Glide saw capacity, I won’t mind carrying it around.


Specifications: CM12 12′ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
Base Molding Against Fence6-3/4″
Blade Diameter12″
Crown Molding Angled Against Fence6″
Cutting Capacity 45 Degree Miter2″x6″
Cutting Capacity 90 Degree Crosscut2″x8″
Height18.11 In.
Length19.60 In.
No Load RPM4300
Service Baretool Numbers3601m21110
Weight (lbs.)43


  • CM12 Miter Saw
  • Dust Bag
  • Blade Change Wrench
  • 12″ Blade