We usually do not get to look at many rotary levels, in fact I think we have only reviewed three in our history.  If your not familiar with this type of level, it is actually pretty cool and can make your life easier.  A rotary level is great for a variety of application such as when your installing chair rails, drop ceilings, a deck outside or any other applications you need to keep a level eye on that might span a distance.

Again we haven’t reviewed a lot of rotary levels, but we have had our share of Johnson levels, which we can say they have all been quality.  I guess before we get started you might want to familiarize yourself with the specs of this level.



Laser Wavelength532nm±10nm
Laser ClassificationClass IIIa
Maximum Power Output?5mW
Accuracy±1/16″/100ft. (±1.5mm/30m)
Interior RangeUp to 400′ diameter (120m) depending upon light
Exterior RangeUp to 1400′ diameter (427m) with
Remote RangeUp to 400′ diameter(120m)
Auto-Leveling Range±5° (delivers alarm if beyond range,
and stops rotation simultaneously
Power SupplyRechargeable battery pack, 6V adapter,
or 4 “C” alkaline
batteries (included)
Dimensions7″ x 5″ x 6-1/4″ (177 x 127 x 159mm)
Weight9.61lbs. (4.35kg)
Working Temperature32°F to 104°F (0°C to +40°C)
Center Screw Thread5/8″-11
Range Scan Area0º, 30º, 60°
Rotation Speed200, 600 rpm
IP Protection Class66
Warranty1 Year


The laser comes with a variety of equipment:

  • Automatic-leveling rotary laser level with GreenBrite technology
  • Vertical mounting adaptor
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack
  • 6V battery adapter
  • Remote control with 9V battery
  • Detector with 3 AAA batteries and quick clamp
  • Magnetic target
  • Tinted glasses
  • Instruction manual with warranty card
  • Hardshell carrying case with protective inner padding.

You may have noticed this has GreenBrite technology which is suppose to be 400% brighter than red beams.  A couple cool features of this laser are it has electronically controlled slope feature and range scan which provides two chalk line widths and a single point plus electronic rotation control.

The laser has two rotating speeds of 200 and 600 rpm.  One item we like about this laser is you can do vertical leveling and it even comes with the adapter for that option.  Two more things to note about this laser that are important are the automatic leveling vertical plane and horizontal beam, plus an automatic leveling horizontal plane and beam.

Now I haven’t had the need for this laser, but I am in the beginning stage of working on my basement, which you can see soon in our project section of the site.  I am going to add a 17′ shelf for storage, so I did set up the laser to play with it and see how well it would work.  I don’t use rotary lasers much so it can be a little intimidating using one since I hate reading instructions.  I do have to say this is very easy to use.  I just attached it to my tripod, set it to the height I wanted and turned it on.  The front panel push button is nicely laid out and easy to work with.  I don’t know if the green beam is really 400% brighter than the red beam, but the green beam was very easy to see.  So when I start my basement project, I will be using this to make sure my shelve is level.  Since I am sure Dan won’t help me with my basement project, this will make my life a little easier installing the support to the wall for the shelving.

The unit comes with a impressive 3 year warranty and is dust and water resistant.