Is Dewalt getting ready to add another tool to their ever growing hand tool line up?  When we first heard that Dewalt might be introducing a new multi tool, we can’t say we were suprised.  After all it seems like you can find a multitool just about anywhere now.  However when we saw the design, we were taking back.  Dewalt looks like they are trying to make a nice compact multitool with just the items you need.  I know a lot of guys carry around multi tools, but I am not one of them.  Primarily because they are bulky and have a lot of things I don’t need.  This tool looks different.  Looks like it has just the items I need.  A knife to cut, pliers to loosen or tighten bolts and a double ended bit (Philips and flat) for screws.  For me, that is everything I need.  I like the fact that is uses a traditional box cutter blade.

We have heard this is one of two designs as the other design is more of a traditional Multi tool with about 8 different tools.  Hopefully they decide to release both.  Anyone else heard of this multitool coming out?