We have been playing with different pressure washers all summer, this is the bad boy of them all, its the DeWALT 4200 PSI Pressure Washer DPW4240.  For this review I decided to let the boys over at The Ultimate Detail use it and wow did they use it.  We have had this pressure washer about 4 months and it has ran non stop 12 hours a day the entire time.  They washed over 80 RV’s in just one weekend with it and countless boats.  I have heard nothing but good feedback about this unit and the detailers loved it so much they want to keep it, we might let them have it for an extended review.  Mike the head honcho said he goes though 3 pressure washers a year and I believe it, they beat these things to a pulp, but it is their bread and butter.  The unit really is DeWALT tough.

The pressure washer has nothing but the best components starting with a Honda 389cc GX390 engine, it starts first pull every time. Honda of the best motor manufactures in the industry. If the oil runs low, the unit will automatically shut down to prevent damage  The second is the pump,  everyone who knows pumps knows that General is one of the best pumps out there.  They are built to last in all industrial applications and this particular pump produces 4200 PSI at 4.0 GPM.  It includes an easy built in site to gauge your pump oil level  Make no mistake this is not a homeowner unit, unless you want to have the baddest pressure washer on the block.  This unit is designed for heavy industrial use and at 4200 psi you can do some serious damage to things if your not careful, so safety gear is mandatory at all times when using this unit.  The gas tank is large which allows long run times without refueling.  Another thing to note is that when there is no piped water source this unit can draw water from a tank with ease.

The frame of the DPW4240 is welded 1-1/4″ powder coated round steel and not riveted or bolted like other pressure washers on the market. That makes it strong and durable.  The big pneumatic tires make it easy to traverse any terrain.  Included is 50′ of 3/8″ Hose, this was a little stiff compared to lower PSI models, but the detailers did not complain about it.  It has a 2 piece wand and includes 0°. 15°, 25°, 40°, & soap spray heads.  This unit also has an extra handle that makes loading and unloading a breeze with 2 people of course.

It comes with a DeWALT 3 year warranty and is built to last.  We highly recommend this pressure washer is for any commercial or industrial application, as it will provide a long life and plenty of power to tackle any job.  We will be reviewing this unit again after acid washing season to see how it is holding up.