By now you have probably heard about the Senco Fusion nailing system.  If you have go ahead and skip this paragraph.  If not well the Fusion is Senco’s new nailing system that allows the user to break free from an air compressor and fuel cells.  That’s right, it works right off one 18V Lithium-ion battery to power this nailer.  The idea and concept behind the Fusion are very cool.

Specifications of the Senco Fusion

  • Aluminum Drive Cylinder
  • Uses 15 gauge nails
  • Fastener Length – 1 1/4″ – 2 1/2″
  • Weight – 14.7 lbs
  • Length – 20″
  • Warranty – 2 years

If you have read our other nailer reviews, you know how much we like using nailers.  They are just a cool power tool.  When we first heard about the new Fusion, we just new we had to get our hand on this.


The main feature of this gun is you don’t have to rely on air hoses or fuel cells to get your power.  All your power starts with an 18V Lithium-Ion battery that when fired drive a piston in a cylinder that is filled with compressed Nitrogen that in return fires the nail, pretty cool.  This is especially cool for the occasional user that wants a good finish nailer around the house that doesn’t have to deal with expired fuel cells since its not getting a lot of use.

The whole unit comes in a plastic case.  The layout of the case is nice in that you can store the nail gun, the charge, battery and some extras all inside.  With that said we do wish the case was a little more sturdy.  Now it will protect your tool from drops in the case, but its not the best quality case we have seen.

The nail gun uses an 18V Lithium-ion battery which will provide up to 600 shots per charge.  One very cool feature is once the battery needs a recharge, after a 15 minute charge you now have 80% capacity on the battery to finish the job at hand.  The battery does take 45 minutes to reach 100% capacity.  As with most batteries now a days, you have a fuel gauge to tell you how much power is left on the battery.  One red light meaning your getting ready for a recharge, a yellow as a warning and two green lights meaning your good to drive some nails.

So lets jump into the tool.  When you pick the gun up, it does have a nice feel to it.  We were very surprised how well the tool is balanced even.  Most nail guns don’t have the best balance, but the Fusion is one of the best balanced guns we have seen in a long time.  From what we have seen the inside design of the gun seems to be incredible as we have seen the cylinder last over 200,000 shots before needing to replace.  Which a user can just replace the cylinder without having to buy a whole new gun.  While the inside may be a great quality, the outside does seem to lack a little.  The small switch that allows the user to move from bump to sequential mode is a little loose, the dial to adjust the depth can also be hard to access especially with gloves.  One disappointment was when we were checking out the gun, we accidentally dropped the magazine and a small plastic piece broke off.  It didn’t affect the use of the nail gun, but it did jam in the magazine and was hard to remove.

Having a tool that meets the need of the user is important, that’s why we were happy to see Senco integrated both Bump and Sequential modes.  The switch is located by the battery and actually has three positions, Bump, Sequential and off.  When you move the switch to either bump or sequential, the work light in the front will flash so the user knows they are in fire mode.  As a note the small LED work light works pretty well and provides ample light to see your work.  Surprisingly the bump mode works awesome.  Just hold the trigger and start shooting.  Senco states you can fire 3 nails per second, but we found it to keep up with about one per second which is great.

Another cool feature is Depth of Drive.  A user can use a thumb-wheel and adjust the depth of the drive to countersink or flush.  One cool feature is on the front of the nailer, just below the thumb-wheel is a small gauge that shows the user an instant view of the depth of the drive.  This is great because your not there just spinning the wheel wounder how much you moved the depth adjustment as with other nail guns.  This is a huge plus for any user.

We have all jammed a nail gun and sometimes its hard to clear.  The Senco requires no tools to clear out a jam.  On the side of the magazine there is a quick release which removes the whole magazine and allows you to access the gun to clear out a jam.   There is plenty of room to clear out a jam even if you really jam the gun.

Another note is the belt clip.  The clip is nice and wide and made of metal, so it will hold up.  You can position the belt clip on the left or right hand side of the tool.  However the clip is pretty much useless on the left hand side since the magazine gets in the way.  But move the clip to the other side and your set to go.  There is also an on-board storage system to store another non-mar tip in-case you ruin the one that’s on the gun.  One last note is the tool has a time out feature which helps prevent accidental firing of the gun.


Overall this is a great nailer.  We like the fact that your not tied to an air hose or the cost of fuel cells.  The overall operation of this unit is easy to work with.  Having a quick charge battery system, means you have very little down time which is always a plus.  While we feel the overall outside quality could be a little better, the internal quality seems to be top notch.  You have all the options you could want on a nailer and more.  If your tired of air hoses and fuel cells and want a great nail gun with lots of features, take a look at the Senco Fusion.

We always like to hear back from our readers on their experience with these tools – good or bad.  Do you have experience with these tools?  How has the long term use been?  What applications have you used the tool for?  Is this a DIY or professional grade tool?  Let us and other readers know.