You get a new vehicle drive through a mud puddle and wham! The entire side of your truck is caked with mud splattered up the sides like in the picture above.  You need mud flaps to fix this issue, but do you really want to drill into your new vehicle in an area prone for rust? I think not!  So we did some searching and found WeatherTech No Drill Mud flaps. We used part numbers: #110003-120003 for this application.

I have always been a firm believer in WeatherTech floor mats, they have always done me well and are made right here in the USA. I ordered the mud flaps through and they arrived promptly. 2 things I really like about these mud flaps was that they are a digital fit and no drill through metal.  The entire install took less than 20 minutes using existing and included hardware.  There was no drilling the mud flaps are a perfect fit and with the ingenious locking system, they install tight and flush.  It was a simple install with OEM results, the flaps look amazing and also give a great level of protection. So check out WeatherTech, they have a lot of different products and are custom to your vehicle.

Above you see the flaps are doing their job.

Here you can see the truck after many rainy days of driving and no sign of road spray.

We came across an F150 that had dealer installed Weathertech mud flaps, they are still like new. Weathertech is the only Mud Flaps I will ever own.