Everyone loves cross line laser levels, if you have one you know what I am talking about. You go help a friend hang a shelf, you whip out the cross line and impress everyone with your futuristic precision tool, your a hero! Prepare for more ooooos and ahhhhs with the Johnson cross line laser level, one of the brightest cross line laser levels we have seen.


Johnson Laser Level Technical Specifications

Leveling MethodSelf-Leveling (Pendulum)
Laser Wavelength635nm +/-10nm (Red)
Laser ClassificationClass IIIa
Maximum Power Output<=5mW
Accuracy+/-1/8″/35ft. (+/-1mm/5m)
Interior RangeUp to 150′ (45m) depending on light conditions
Exterior RangeN/A
Self-Leveling Range+/-5°
Power Supply3 “AA” alkaline batteries (included)
Battery LifeApproximately 20 hours with alkaline batteries
Dimensions2″ x 5.25″ x 6.25″ (51 x 133 x 159mm)
Weight2lbs. (0.93Kg)
Working Temperature14F to 113F (-10C to +45C)
Center Screw Thread5/8″-11, 1/4″-20
IP Protection Class55
Warranty3 Years

The 40-6625 comes ready to go, they even include the the 3 AA batteries to power the unit. It has a innovative soft sided pouch that can hold extra batteries and also includes a strap. There is an included mount that allows you to magnetically attach the unit to metallic surfaces, the mount is easily taken on and off via a dial that locks it into place, the tool and the included mount both have tripod mounts. Also included is a magnetic target which is great for a precise layout . The unit is rugged thanks to its over molded grip/cover. Johnson has a great 3 year warranty and they stand by their tools.

First thing when you take the level out of the package you notice that it feels quality. When the unit is in the off position it locks the pendulum protecting it from being smacked around. Turn the switch on and you are amazed at how bright it is. Johnson states that the level has a 150′ indoor range which we easily achieved in our tests. The level has an accuracy of 1/8″ at 35 feet and levels up fast. The lines are crisp and bright and you get around 20hrs of battery life. The laser has 2 modes auto and manual, in auto mode the unit self levels and a beep alerts you that the laser is not level. Manual mode allows you to use the laser at extreme angles, which comes in handy. There is also a slot on the side to calibrate the tool if you need to, we dropped the unit several times and it did not need to be re calibrated.



Johnson Level is known as an industry leader, they have been around for years. The 40-6625 is one of the best cross-line laser levels we have seen. It is accurate, rugged and bright making it great for any job and backed by a solid 3 year warranty this is a quality tool all around. We used this tool to hang some cabinets and it worked like a charm, we even dropped it several times with no issues.

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