Would your Dad slap you if you gave him a Man Candle?


Thats right,  Man Candles.  I just love the annotations.

Riding Mower – Hot sun. Cool breeze. And the intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass.

2X4 – The warm, unmistakable scent of freshly planed wood and sawdust evokes a sense of confidence and quality.

First Down – Game on! This combination of orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather is as exciting as game day.

Man Town – Escape to the man cave with this masculine blend of spices, woods and musk.

I think that my friends would beat me silly if they came into my house and saw a candle on the table that was called Man Town!  The big candles cost a whopping $27.99.  The sad thing is that I am going to order the 2X4 candle, because after all “sawdust evokes a sense of confidence and quality”.

One of our readers mentioned Man Cans,  a 13 year old boy came up with this idea and it helps out soup kitchens.  Check out Man Cans here. They are more modestly priced than the ones at Yankee



  1. Relevant: there’s a kid in my hometown who has been doing this for a few years, in a much better fashion: http://man-cans.com/

    He uses soup cans, after the soup has been donated to good causes, and makes the candles he sells.

    We’re all pretty sure that Yankee lifted the idea from this kid, but he’s got better things to do than argue with a titan of the candle world!

  2. Impressive young kid. He’s going to go on and do some big things I’m sure. I would normally not be interested in a Man Can, but I saw he sells one called “Memphis Style BBQ”, and I think I can make an exception for that one.


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