Video of a 747 vs a car


The English Top Gear is awesome! I worked on the ramp at a few airports for many years and have seen a few jet blast incidents. In Denver we did live de-icing, which means the aircraft is running at idle while we de-ice.  The jet blast would rip the wipers of the trucks.  It was awesome!  I miss working at the airport. The coolest was pushing a 747 out of the gate with the Pushback tractor and as the pilot starts the engines you can feel the pushback slow down and work harder with every engine that starts.

Enjoy the video!


  1. Dan–Hi. Are you new to Top Gear (the BBC original) series? I’ve been fan of it since I found it on telly in 2007. Jeremy is an egomaniac, Richard is short and easily excited, while Captain Slow seems to be the rational one. It’s probably for that reason the other two pick on him.

    I used to live in Denver; did you work at Stapleton, DIA, or both? And for which airline(s)? I recall living through some chilly cold winters in those years; I don’t envy you the snowstorms you must have worked through to get planes off the ground. Incidentally, do you still have your hearing?

    • lol, yes I still have my hearing! I worked for UA in DIA. I think I have seen every UK top gear, the USA one just isn’t the same, although it is getting better.


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