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What’s better than a free drill?  When it comes with 2 batteries and a charger!  Porter-Cable has given us a brand new PCL180CDK-2 which we reviewed here to give away to one lucky reader.  How do you enter?  Comment at the bottom of this post on what PORTER-CABLE tools you like the most or use on a daily basis.

We know you old school guys do not use Facebook, but if you do, check out and like Porter-Cable.  The winner will be announced on 3-15-12

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED –  Congratulations to NATE O



  1. Who says you have to pay high prices for high quality?!?!! Porter Cable is the only way to go when it comes to cordless tools, I have the Lithium 4 tool combo kit that does almost everything. My favorite tool would have to be the oscillating tool, its not what can you do with it but what can you not. It does everything!!

  2. Has anyone noticed how the prices on the Porter Cable line have been dropping by huge amounts? Many of their power tools dropping by 50% +/-.

  3. My go to tool in the shop for cutting metal to length, is Porter Cable’s PC14CTSD metal chop saw. It works well and was a good value. It does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

  4. Porter cable all the way

    my most used would have to be my Nail guns and Pancake compressor

    6 gal pancake compressor
    16 ga. angled finish nailer- this guy is tough!
    23 ga. pin nailer- extremely high quality
    18 ga. brad nailers
    Narrow crown staplers

    Really PC nail guns are by far superior in price and performance

  5. Love the door tools..i use the heavy duty door plane,router,and my porter cable adjustible 4 hinge butt template type 2

  6. I own mostly all Porter Cable tools, can’t say enough good about the tools I have, any tool that I replace it is replaced with a porter cable…I would have to say my favorite is my PC miter saw.

  7. I loved my porter cable tools, from my router to my screw gun, it sucks that I lost em all in my relocating to austin. but I will be buying porter cable again never had a problem with them

  8. Although I don’t use them everyday! My circular saw, saws all, and nail gun kit did a above par job on our remodel. Could not have done it without.

  9. That looks nice. But I am not sure I am ready to give up my PC Hammerdrill already. I use it all the time. I think my wife may be getting jealous.

  10. Most definitely my cordless drill. I can’t imagine being without it. We just moved to a new home and that drill was by my side during the entire thing.

  11. I’ve got my 18 volt drill going all day. I’m living in my house while it’s being remodeled and in some cases rebuilt (my grandfather built this place in 3 parts starting in the 50s and it’s been a pain reworking some of his mistakes!!) So when I got my kit we have surely put it through it’s paces but the drill is the one I have nearby all the time.

  12. I love my Porter Cable Electronic Screwdriver. I went back to using it over cordless. It delivers assloads of torque, is wheight balanced nicely, and has a generous cord compared to less professional guns. I use it in the wood shop, metal shop and onsite.

  13. favorite to use would be the left hand circle saw. light powerful great base, easy adjust. has to be the best designed tool sitting on my shelves

  14. I use my husband’s Porter-Cable 330 Speed-Bloc sander the most. I do a lot of refinishing of furniture and it comes in handy.

  15. I use my PC Router Model 690. I love them so much I own 4 of them. set them up once and you never have to change them during projects. Great for rail and stile projects.

  16. My Porter Cable router gets used the most, whether in a table setup or handheld. It really is an impressive tool. That 18V cordless does look sweet, I’m still on an old 14.4v setup.

  17. I use my Porter Cable angle grinder the most. Love it. Need to replace an old, dead 12V drill/driver, so PICK ME – PLEASE!

  18. My girlfriend has a porter cable drill. It works great for what it is, but I could really use a more manly one like this.

  19. I am new to Porter Cable. I have a stellar circ saw and I love to use it. This drill would rock my socks off!!!

  20. I personally have not tried the Porter Cable tools but would love to try them out. I have seen them instore and they seem like nice tools I like like looks of the Circular Saws and grinders along with their drills. Seem like great tools!

  21. Its hard to name only one porter cable tool that I like the best because they’re all so good!

    What makes Porter Cable tools the best, is that they pay extra attention not just to the performance of the tool, but how the user will feel operating it; from the weight, to the placement of the controls, to the rubber grips and comfort factor.

    My favorite Porter Cable tool, is the oscillating tool. I do a lot of woodwork and really appreciate how quickly oscillating tools can cut off / trim materials in awkward places. I’ve tried a couple of other brands which both suffered from the bolt oscillating off whenever I put pressure against the too, which makes the accessory come loose. But Porter Cable have an ingenious quick-release lever which means not only is there no wrench required, but the accessory won’t come loose through the oscillations affecting any bolts! This makes the tool infinitely more convenient and usable.

    I also like the circular saw range. The laser guide is a lot more precise than the competition, but the handles are also really ergonomic, comfortable and rubber-coated in all the right places. It makes using the tool a lot easier with less fatigue on my hands, and shows a lot more attention to detail that other brands skip over!

    If there was only one brand of power tool I could have it would be Porter Cable, because you consistently get contractor-quality tools at reasonable prices, with all the benefits of thoughtful design and well-considered usability.

  22. I am a remodel contractor and own several Poter-Cable tools (2 sanders and sawsall) not a complaint about any of them.

    The drill would be a welcome addition.

  23. I have the Porter Cable 4pc -18 volt combo kit (PC418C-2 ), the pivoting head flashlight (PC18FL), hammer drill (PC180CHDK-2), and 2 routers. I find myself using the drills and the circular saw the most on wood projects around the house, and also at work when I’m doing HVAC installs. It’s really nice having 4 batteries, but who wouldn’t like to have 6, plus a new drill? I really like all that Porter Cable has to offer, and always look forward to anything new that comes out. I am the Tim Allen out of anyone I know; I must have the next best tool that comes out and brag about it to all my buddies. Whenever I get a new tool, within the next few weeks my coworkers will all be drooling over and buying it too. I love knowing all the different brands and being able to tell them which is the best and why – and Porter Cable is definitely at the top.

  24. Years ago I was looking for a “Left Bladed” ‘skill saw (specifically NOT a heavy, clumsy, worm-drive. The left-bladed magnesium based Porter-Cable is my “honey.” I have had to work at night (having raised six daughters), the left sided blade makes it easier to avoid shadows, keeping my lines easily in sight. This tool has been my ‘right-hand-left-bladed buddy’ for years. I don’t see it on the shelves anymore, I hope y’all are gona bring it back for the younger crowd (and ladies) that need power and ease of use without all the weight, and with a clear view of the blade.

    Ah…then there is my Tiger! Omnivorous!!! Eating anything and everything I set it loose on! With the quick-change blade… i lusted after this tool for years, and when i could finally afford it i was NOT disappointed.
    Love at first BITE!!! Especially in “orbital” mode. Wet treated timbers, watch out, the Tiger is stalking and you can’t get away!

    Then, you had better watch out…here comes the “Variable Speed 3×21 belt sander!” I bought it while building the bar for a pool house. We split an 8×16 antique heart-of-pine beam, edge glued it and my helper rode that sander 8 hours a day for 3 days…till it shined. That was 1995 and she is still going strong! Old Faithful!

    My youngest daughter of 21 years is looking forward to inheriting these jewels, since she is the only one interested in them. But that is still, by God’s Grace, many years and many projects away!

  25. dont own any porter cable, mostly just used tools my dad had for years brfore he passed. just trying to get lucky, and maybe win a new tool, to use in my furture shop.

  26. I play with the Porter Cable tools at my local Lowes and Orchard. Since I can’t afford a new drill, I fantasize owning a new drill. It would be nice to have my dreams come true.

  27. Those Porter Cable pancake compressors are handy around a jobsite. They’re easily the most portable ones out there and they tend to last reasonably long for their price.

  28. I do not currenlty have a Porter-Cable tool, but did use one of Porter-Cable’s Drills that a contractor friend of mine owns to add on to my entryway of my house. The drill did everything I expected it to do. I was impressed.

  29. I actually have the drill in this post.

    – lightweight
    – good for drilling small holes
    – fast charge time

    – battery has significantly less run time than Craftsman nicads
    – small motor with little torque. Useful for smaller screws and bits only.

    I compared this to my cheaper crfatsman on nicads:

    The craftsman was able to power a 1.5″ spade bit through 2″ pine like butter.
    I did about 50 before the battery showed signs of power loss.
    But the porter-cable wouldnt attempt even one – as soon as it was 2mm into the wood, the chuck just stops and refuses to turn.

    Although the Porter-Cable did power a 0.75″ spade just fine, but the battery ran out by the 5th hole.


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