The Lowes Raven is selling again and Simplicity wants you to have a Cadillac like ride






Spring is here, so here is some tractor news.



The Lowes stop sale has been lifted on the Raven.  The unit is back available on and one of our readers Gerald will be getting his delivered on Saturday, we are excited for him and cant wait to hear what he thinks about it.  Jeremy from Youtube posted another video of the Raven doing some some high speed runs.  It looks like a blast and I want one, even though the lack of a rear suspension looks like it will hamper your offloading experience.  The front looks like it does a good job of tackling the terrain.  Obviously the unit is not designed for major offloading and the turf tires are not designed for traction.  Check out our previous Raven post here.





For those of you that want a plush Cadillac ride check out the Simplicity Suspension Comfort System.  It is an automotive style suspension available in 2 different styles.  SCS-2 is a rear mounted 2 shock setup and the SCS-4 is a front and rear mounted 4 shock system just like a car.  This gives you a 25% reduction of the impact on your body.  On those long 1+ hour jobs this is huge.  These tractors even have traction control.

Check out Simplicty here.




  1. It is definately faster, don’t know if thats a good idea or not.
    You and Eric will be having Sat afternoon lawn mower drag rases.

  2. I am very interested in the cut quality of this machine. My John Deere is getting long in the tooth and I will be looking for a replacement soon.

  3. I wonder about the towing capacity? will it handle 1000 lbs? Looks like it would be handy when I’m trimming trees, just plug my elec. chainsaw into the onboard generator.

  4. The specs for the Raven mower can be found on the lowes web site. The specs show the mower is rated to tow 500 lbs. Of course any one that has ever had a rider with a place for a tow ball knows just about any rider can tow 500 lbs, so I’m sure the designer is just playing it safe on the tow rating. I hooked up my 6 feet by 10 foot tilt trailer to the raven and it handled it no problem. If you look at the axle’s on the Raven you will pleasently suprised. The axle is extremly heavy duty, not your typical lawn tractor rear end.

  5. Scott, thanks for the Info. I too have a 6×10 and was curious if it will handle it full of tree trimmings, my Dixie is too big to get in some areas

  6. looks like it won’t be racing when mowing. evidently there is a lock out for traverse speed when deck is engaged, and the vehicle then stays on low speed until you get off and move a lock out under the seat back to traverse. Also early reports show that the low angle of the discharge chute produce noticable lines of clippings.


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