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A couple of days ago my computer broke and hence, no post yesterday.  I do have to give thanks to Dan as he took most of yesterday trying to fix it.  After a long time trying to fix it, we didn’t have any luck, so we ended up buying a new computer and here we are.  I was surfing YouTube and came across a cool video on Heavy Construction Machines and couldn’t stop watching it, so I figure I would post about it.  It’s from the History Channel, so it does take you through a nice little timeline of the evolution on how things use to get done.  It’s pretty long, so make sure you have time.  If your looking for something a little shorter, check out the two videos below.


I know we are a tool and gadget publication, but every now and then we just need a good laugh outside our box.  I was surfing through YouTube the other day and came across some classic TV from late night king Johnny Carson.  The young people watching this probably have no idea who Carson was, but for the old timers they know exactly who he was, a genius.  This was back in the day when late night was truly late night.  It was being up late and having some laughs.  They had creative writers and people who could deliver great joke.  I was born in the 70’s, so I didn’t watch him unless I had the rare opportunity to stay up late.  However most of the good jokes went over my head.  Now looking back and watching some of his old shows, I can’t stop laughing.  Here are a couple good videos and skits he did.

Remember the old Abbott and Costello, Who’s on first?  Here is Carson as President Reagan with James Baker, I believe he was White House Chief of Staff.  This is pretty clever and funny.  FYI James Watt is Secretary of the Interior, might help understand the beginning.


Rodney Dangerfield was also a hysterical guy and appeared many time on Carson.  Rodney always had some of the best one liners around.



  1. If you poke around on YouTube and watch other tool reviews you’ll see like Rodney Dangerfield, TIA “GETS NO RESPECT”. I think you guys are comically informative. I’m glad I stumbled upon you on YouTube. Keep up the good work.


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