Ryobi 18-Volt One Plus Hybrid Fan – P3320

Hybrid cordless ac fan

Fans don’t usually excite me, but the new hybrid fan from Ryobi is one cool tool.  Yes it is a tool that cools you down.  The greatest thing is that it runs off of battery or AC power.  You can use any Ryobi One + battery or just regular 120V wall power with a standard extension cord.  With a 4.0 battery you can easily get all day operation from this thing.  it is compact for when you are working in tight areas and has a few mounting options for putting it right where you need it.

The head pivots to aim it anywhere.  2 speeds low and high are controlled by a switch on the back.   It is available at any Home Depot and has a 3 year warranty.  It is so portable that you will find new uses for it.  Like helping paint dry, drying an area, cooling down an engine compartment and just cooling yourself down.  The possibilities are endless.  Check it out at Home Depot.  I personally recommend this fan, it is awesome!  it also makes a great gift for just about anyone.  Does not include a battery or charger.


  1. I have the original blue version of the Ryobi cordless fan I love that thing along with the with the cordless canister wet/dry vac. A friend keeps wanting to buy the wet/dry vac off me. I told him to buy one but he didn’t listen and Ryobi stopped making them. Ryobi occasionally does that makes tools that they only make for a short period of time. I doubt the fan will be one as Ryobi is making a big push and releasing a bunch of the 18 volt hybrid powered tools. I wish Milwaukee had a like this fan as I have fare more Milwaukee batteries than Ryobi batteries now.

  2. I just also want to mention the hybrid version a good value its only 10 dollars more than the old battery powered only version. You get to use a whole other power source for 10 dollars that’s pretty amazing to me.

  3. Looks awesome but you forgot the one very important thing. It’s available in Canada too!! Which is good because despite what you may think, Summers in Toronto can be very hot and very humid especially working in a new build with no a/c.


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