Rebuild a battery pack – for you super cheap people


I know some really cheap people, some amaze me at the extent that they go to save even 10 cents.  One acquaintance of mine just grabs a diet coke from my garage fridge every time he comes for his wife, because he is to cheap to buy them for her.  I got rid of the fridge, so that will not happen anymore.  Cheap skates suck!  So when I saw the article on How to rebuild a DeWALT 14.4 battery pack from , my first thought was what the hell for?  Then I remembered the cheap skates.  They would rather risk a fire than have to pay an extra penny for anything.

TIA DOES NOT RECOMMEND rebuilding your battery packs because of the risk of a bad connection or fire.  However its a good read!


  1. I didn’t read the article but I have rebuilt quite a few packs.. I have raced R/C cars for years and building packs used to just be part of the deal, so rebuilding a pack for drill just didn’t seem like a big deal to me..

    as for the to much time comment I really don’t think it ever took more then a half hour total to do.. I find the not being “safe” thing a bit of a stretch to. If you can solder have a good iron and use good battery bars/solder I cant see it as unsafe..

  2. For my own opinion, I think it is not really cheap if you rebuild your batteries, as long as you are capable of doing it then why not?


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