One Lenox Blade Saws a 727 in Half – According to Lenox


I am not too familiar with Lenox blades, I usually use Diablo blades.  I was surfing Youtube when I came across this almost 60 minute video of them cutting a 727 in half with one blade. The video itself it pretty boring and cutting a 727 is not really an amazing feat considering aircraft aluminum is very thin.  At the end do not show you the cut, did the blade cut through the stringers too?  Was there pipes and control cables involved? That would make it a bit more impressive.  I know one thing next time I am on a flight and some guy whips out a reciprocating saw and a Lenox blade, I might get a bit nervous.








  1. I have a couple of Lenox Carbide Grit hole saws that cut like champs. I used a 3-5/8″ hole saw to cut through residential brick for a porch light and I was very happy with the result. It wasn’t fast nor was it deep enough to get through the entire brick but it made a very clean hole. Once the hole saw bottomed out I used a small masonry bit to drill a series of holes in the Chanel the hole saw just cut. With just a couple of taps with my hammer the slug fell out. I ran the Lenox hole saw through the hole one more time to clean the edges and the result was a thing of beauty… which is covered under a light fixture for the rest of time.

  2. i think they’re video of cutting a police car in half is more interesting and insightful. i own and like the Lenox blades. They’re much more prevalent in Aus than Freud/Diablo.


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