Mosquito Sniper System Review

Mosquito Sniper System Review

I love summertime.  Fresh air, green leaves, and birds chirping.  While there is a lot to love about summer, there are also things that annoy me and make me just want to bunker down in the house, such as mosquitoes.  How many times have you been sitting around trying to enjoy the outdoors and you hear that pesky insect buzzing around?  Or you just get eaten up trying to enjoy a nice night.  You have a couple of options to solve these problems, but today I am going to show you the best option on the market, the Mosquito Sniper System.

What is the Mosquito Sniper System?

The Mosquito Sniper System is a DIY system to put up an invisible barrier that insects don’t like and stops the growth of insects.  So you can easily get rid of all the bugs around your house that are annoying and cause damage. If you need to disinfect, spray cleaner, or other applications, this is the system for the job.

The Mosquito Sniper System is an ingenious solution that hooks up to any blower and allows you to spray liquids such as insecticides with ease.  The system has a liquid line that hooks up to the end of your blower from a tank that has the liquid.  As you spray, the blower helps mistify the liquid and spread it into any area you want, high or low places.

Mosquito Sniper System Review Overview

Over the years, we have been lucky to test and show off some extremely cool products.  While I have had my favorite products to show off, like the Traeger Smoker, this is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons.  First, this is a product that was designed by a police officer who is now a small business owner and you are supporting an American business. Second, I love how simple the product is to use and work with. Third, it works like a champ and it solves a problem.  There are more reasons but these three reasons are what sell me on the Mosquito Sniper System.

I don’t mind bugs and they really don’t bother me, however, there are times where they just annoy me.  I mentioned getting bitten up being outside your house.  But there are more reasons insects annoy me.

We have a light by our front door.  At night, we have all kinds of weird bugs and insects hanging around.  Every time I open the door, they get right into the house, again, it’s annoying because now I am dealing with them flying around the house.

One of my biggest complaints is ants.  Again, I don’t mind them but I do mind them when they try to nest in the house.  I have an old house so I have cracks where they enter. About two months ago, I was in the attic, this was before I found out about the Mosquito Sniper.  I saw Carpenter ants had made a nest in the attic and starting to eat into the wood rafters.

Another complaint is Stink bugs.  Every day we would always find a couple flying around.  Not a huge deal but my wife hates them and I am the one who has to get off my lazy butt and get rid of them.  Of course, I can’t smash them so I have to grab a chair and grab them off the ceiling.

Now, these are just some of the bug-hassles I have been dealing with over the years.  Well, when I found out about the Mosquito Sniper System, my problems have all gone away. No bugs by the front door, no more ants in the attic, no more stink bugs in the house, no mosquitoes when I am outside.  All my bug and insect problems are gone.  It’s so nice to not see insects in the house.

I know this product is called the Mosquito Sniper System but it’s actually so much more.  You can use this to disinfect, spray cleaner, and a wide variety of other applications.  My son plays baseball and we were at the training facility the other day.  I saw someone who worked there using a blower and spraying down the field.  As I watched, I saw that it was the Mosquito Sniper System.  After talking with him, he told me he also loved this product because he could quickly disinfect the field before the next team got on the turf.

So why is this the best system and why do I give it high marks?  Sure there is the ease of use and cost savings, but there is more.

Other systems that use only a pump do not get in high places and under bushes.  When you hook this system up with a blower, you can reach high places and you can also make sure the insecticides don’t just get on the leaves but it gets deep into the bushes and trees where bugs love to hide during the day.  So you are not just masking a problem you are solving a problem.

So you probably want to jump in and see what this is all about, so let’s go.

Mosquito Sniper System Models

As you know, the market has lots of different tanks and backpack sprayers in the market.  With Mosquito Sniper Systems, they offer different systems to fit your tank.  So before you buy, please check which tank sprayer you own and which system will go with your tank.  Here is a list of different sprayers they own.

Mosquito Sniper System Review Features

Mosquito Sniper System Review

This was my whole setup for testing.  The Mosquito Sniper System is the tube in the package.  I used my EGO blower, my Milwaukee Switchtank (which at the time of this article is not compatible), and bought both insecticides.

Note – I tested the system with the recommended manual tank (Hudson).  For fun, I wanted to test it with the Milwaukee Switchtank and the Ryobi handheld sprayer.  As of the time of this article, both the Milwaukee and Ryobi are not recommended units.  However, I was able to use the Milwaukee and the Ryobi without any issues but I did use Teflon tape on the threads.  I needed the Teflon tape to fix leaking when I used the Ryobi tank.

I am not a fan of the Hudson tank.  I think it’s cheap and flimsy.  If I had to do it again, I would have bought the HDX tank from The Home Depot.

So here is the Mosquito Sniper System.  What you get is a black hose line with the adapter for the blower and also a clamp.

The one thing I noticed about the system is the quality of the parts.  The line is thick, the clamp isn’t a cheap clamp, and the end-part that goes on the blower is thick plastic so it will not break.

This is the Hudson tank I used.  As I noted, I am not a fan of the tank as it seems cheap but it is nice that the handheld nozzle will fit on the handle so it makes it easier to carry around and while using.  You don’t have to use this tank with the Mosquito Sniper System.  There are a wide variety of tanks that are supported by the Mosquito Sniper System.  Here is a list of compatible sprayer tanks.

One feature that makes the Mosquito Sniper System so unique is you can use it with any blower on the market.

All you do is attach the end of the Mosquito Sniper System to the end of your blower.

There are three holes to adjust where the liquid comes out.  To make the adjustment, you don’t need any tools, and is extremely easy to adjust.

Yes, it’s that easy.  Just hook one end of the Mosquito Sniper System up to a tank sprayer and the other end to your blower and you are set to go.

Mosquito Sniper System Review Performance

As noted above, I used the Hudson, Milwaukee, and Ryobi tanks.  For me, I love the Milwaukee tank because I am not carrying around a tank.  All the weight is on my back, plus it holds more liquid than the other two tanks.

Per the Mosquito Sniper System website, these are the two chemicals they recommend, which are both used by professional companies and safe when applied per directions.

  • Talstar – Controlls over 75 pests.
  • Tekko Pro – This disrupts the life cycle of insects to prevent eggs from hatching and larva becoming adults.

They have more recommendations on their website if you need a different solution go to Mosquito Sniper System.

The thumbscrew is a nice added feature.  Normally with these clamps you need a screwdriver and they can be a pain.  With the thumbscrew, I can easily take it off and just use the blower when I am not applying an application of insecticide.

The nose piece is solid and stays in place.  I tried dropping it and walking on it, and both times it held up without cracking or breaking.

As with everything, always make sure you protect yourself and use proper PPE.

Mosquito Sniper System Review Value

If you have a compatible tank, you are only going to spend about $35 for the Mosquito Sniper System.  If you don’t have a tank, the price will jump up to about $55 with a tank.  To me, that is a heck of a bargain for a product that makes my life easier, more enjoyable, and saves me money over the long term.

I bought both chemicals they recommend.  I bought the Talstar Pest Control Insecticide and the Control Solutions Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator.  These are the same chemicals the pest control, companies use.  Each of my applications is about $5 and best of all, I can spray as much as I want and where I want.  I am not relying on a company to hopefully do a good job.

I had a quote for a company to come to my home and it was $275 for the first application and $85 for each follow-up.  To me, it’s a no brainer for $5 each application.  So now I do an application every three weeks and I am bug-free.

Mosquito Sniper System Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this is one of the best products of 2020.  In a crazy weird year, there is a simple solution to make my life easier.  I am supporting a small business owner, who is also a police officer which both are bonuses.  Second, the product is inexpensive and easy to use.  Most importantly, it works way beyond any expectations I had.

If you want a cheap, easy way to solve your bug problems, disinfecting, cleaning, or other applications, this is the best money you will ever spend.


  1. i just purchased the milwakee m18 backpack sprayer to spray cattle for flys .Had always used chapin pump sprayers always wore out pumping and never got done.Was going to clean 15 gallon 4 wheeler sprayer but went with this because can switch tanks no cross contamination works awsome the big problem was the price and no specials like alot of the other tools .


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