Milwaukee Penlight Review

Milwaukee Penlight Review

Milwaukee has changed the power tool lighting industry for good.  Ever since Milwaukee looked at the lighting category and decided to change the way we see and use lighting, they have been kicking butt and taking names.  No longer are lights looked as being a cheap add on or a second thought.  Milwaukee has made this category an integrated part of the tradesman life with quality products.  The Milwaukee penlight isn’t any different so let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Penlight Review.

Milwaukee Penlight Review Overview

Milwaukee isn’t the first company to come out with a penlight.  If you perform a search you will find a ton of penlights.  The problem with the current category is most lights are cheaply made.

Besides Streamlight and a couple other lights, I have a hard time finding something that is a quality light, has decent run time and is made for the job sites.  So with that said I am glad to see Milwaukee is now a player in the penlight field.

Milwaukee Penlight Review Features

Milwaukee Penlight Review

To turn on and off the light, there is a sealed push button on the top of the penlight.  This button also acts as a momentary light function.

Milwaukee Penlight Review

The penlight uses a single LED light that puts out 100 lumens and has a 43 meter beam distance.  The lens cover is impact and chemical resistant, so this will last even under heavy conditions.

Milwaukee Penlight Review

On part of the light, there is a square texture.  This is great for gripping the light when you have gloves on or the light gets wet.

The body of the light is made from 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum Body which means it’s strong and lightweight.

The metal pocket clip is thick which means it shouldn’t bend.  If it does bend or break, you can replace it.

Milwaukee Penlight Review

The light is powered by two AAA batteries and provide a little over 3 hours of continuous run time.

Milwaukee Penlight Review

One huge feature is the O-Ring.  The battery compartment is protected with an O-Ring which will stop moisture from entering this area and damaging the batteries.

Milwaukee Penlight Review Performance

In regards to penlights, the light performs as advertised.

The light offers a clean clear light that isn’t crazy on your eyes.  I love the texture on the side of the light which makes it easy to hold either with gloves or if the light gets wet.

The push button is sealed and doesn’t feel cheap.  Which means you shouldn’t accidentally bump the light and turn it on or off.

The metal pocket clip is solid and doesn’t seem like it will bend easily which means you can always have it on your side and not worry about it falling off.

Milwaukee Penlight Review Value

The Milwaukee Penlight costs about $20 on The Home Depot’s website.  For me, I think $20 is a great value for a couple of reasons.

First, the quality of the light is great.  It’s one of the lights that just has a nice solid feeling to it.  The aluminum body is lightweight and durable.  Second, the light is bright and a clean light.

Milwaukee Penlight Final Thoughts

Once again Milwaukee took a product that is plentiful in the marketplace and made it a quality product.  I am not saying there aren’t quality penlights on the market but they are far and few between.  The light cost about $20 which is a great value considering the quality and construction of the light.  If you are looking for a penlight, the Milwaukee Penlight 2105 is a must-have.

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  1. I don’t know why but I LOVE FLASHLIGHTS since I was a kid I always collected flashlights I have a million of then lol so this Milwaukee pen light is really cool! Ps you videos crack me up you two are so funny and remind me of my best friend and I!

  2. This is the best pen light i’ve owned and I love flashlights. It’s by far the brightest and the rubber end is fantastic for holding it in your mouth while you work on something.


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