Mad Skills – WoodWorking Walking Machine Powered by DeWALT


If I had skills like the guy in this video I would be dangerous!  He made a machine that walks and is powered by a DeWALT 20V drill.  Izzy Swan is his name and woodworking is his game.  Check him out below.



  1. That is crazy. As I watched, I wondered why isn’t he working for NASA as a Moon Rover Specialist (Designer/Builder)? A couple of things came to mind right away regarding the forward motion of the device, The first is that it moves in a kind of herky-jerky manner, which would be uncomfortable for a long trip around the block. I wonder if he considered installing heavy-duty ball bearings at the joints to smooth it out a bit. That would also provide more efficiency for the small power source (a cordless drill) so it could run longer. However, to incorporate some mods, the device would have to be made from aluminum, rather than the wood he fashioned it out of.

    Second, the motive power legs remind me of the hind legs of a deer or an elk in the way they propel it forward. The wheels look like animal hooves, and perhaps he wants to keep that look. Again, for efficiency and a smoother ride, I wondered if he considered using larger wheels (to more easily go over bumps and divots in the road), and whether he’s using rubber-tired wheels for a softer ride.

    I’m sure there are other things viewers will see that could be improved upon to take it to the next level(s). Fantastic effort, though, just as it is. You can’t help but admire someone that can make things like this. Do you know if Izzy is an engineer? His design and the execution suggest that he is.

  2. This is pretty wicked looking. What a piece of engineering to come up with somehing like this alien looking walker.Plus to be powered by a drill?? This makes my wood projects look like kids play. I also like the look on that little boy when he sees at this thing, “WTF is that cool looking bike/walker/digger thingie. Thanks for sharing. Laters TIA


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