Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet


Kobalt is has taken Double Drive technology and put it into a ratchet.  The Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet operates like a normal 3/8″ ratchet except for the twisting and extendable Double Drive handle.  It has a lifetime warranty and our set came with some bits and a few sockets.  The ratchet will allow you to get into places where other ratchets don’t dare..  When you get into an area that you cannot move the ratchet you can twist the handle for Double Drive action.  This is a great idea, however when you have a really tight nut you cannot get the same breakaway torque that you would with the traditional way.

When you are not in a tight area and use it like a normal ratchet the handle can be extended to provide massive toque. On free moving nuts the double drive twist will give you twice the speed, then you can snug it up with the handle.  The Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet is borderline gimmicky to some people and for some it is perfect for their application. Either way it makes a great gift.



  1. I took my Kobalt double drive extendable ratchet set to work on re-bushing my 1965 Austin Healey BJ8 this morning. In ten minutes, the ratchet refused to ratchet in one direction, and then it fell apart in three pieces. Tomorrow I will be calling about the lifetime warrantee, but do I really want another one? Good idea, poor manufacturing from taiwan.

  2. Bought the Kobalt Double Drive 20-piece socket wrench set and found that the sockets are hard to remove from the socket wrench. Had to get pliers and really pull hard to remove the socket from the wrench. Bad testing before selling the product on behalf of Taiwan.

  3. I’ve had this product for several years, hadn’t used it in for a couple of years and now it is frozen up. Not usable any more.

  4. i bought one it froze up took it to lowes and i was told they do not make it any more i settled for a regular swivel ratchet but i would still like to have one if i can find one


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