Jobsite Safety – Tape Measure Kills 1


We joke around a lot here a lot at TIA and tend not to take things too seriously.  But when it comes to safety even the smallest thing can be a danger including a tape measure.  Monday a man delivering drywall to a construction site was killed when a tape measure dislodged from a worker 50 feet up fell and struck him on the head.  A hard hat would have probably saved this mans life.   Use proper safety precautions no matter how overboard they may seem.  They will save your life.  Check out more on this story over at Fox news.


  1. That’s a sad story, especially because it could have been avoided.. most are guilty of not wearing the proper PPE from time to time on job sites, this is an unfortunate reminder that accidents do and can happen to us no matter how safe we think we are.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. I’ve seen deliveries made time after time where the delivery guy doesn’t wear any PPE because he doesn’t think it applies to him. I’m always happy when a super requires them to wear it even if they’re only there for their quick delivery.


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