How to Sell Tools 101 – Listen up


On my daily routine of scrounging the web for new information to post on TIA I found myself in our very own Power Tool Forum.  I came across a post that DR99 had posted about an ebay ad he had found.  Seems that one ebayer has found the key to selling tools on ebay.  He has 212 watchers on this one tool.  Looking through the rest of his channel, he has nowhere near that amount of watchers on his other auctions that do not have a female model.

Pretty women sell tools, it is a simple fact.  A large percentage of power tool users are men.  I think back to all of the trade shows I have been to in recent years and the booths with the pretty girls were always packed.  One time though at the National Hardware Show they had a hooker half naked at booth that made kids tools. I found that to be a bit disturbing. Makita has the Makita girls which I think is a great marketing campaign, they draw massive crowds to the Makita booth. However sometimes I think it detraction from the tools when not implemented correctly.

$_57-2Would you rather watch some old sweaty guy show you how to build a cyclorama studio or let Ashley show you in the video below?  I have no clue what a cyclorama is or does, but I can now build one like an expert. The videos below are all on Youtube and are mellow compared to a Miley Cyrus video. Enjoy

Check out this article and the ebay links on the Power Tool Forum.



Does this make you want to fly Azul?


  1. Good safety video !, nice to see the young ladies adhering to the “Remove all loose clothing” advice they always give….

    P.S. If you notice i’m not around on TIA as often as i have been, it’s because you’ve just given me a couple of other sites to check out…

  2. wana wana makita girl for july…will she be included in the bag giveaway july my
    wife hold a milwakee drill in her red undies..tks dan for videos and ideas…like show on tv
    girls garage.great bunch and focused on job at many reruns of overhaulin.
    girls garage nice change up..go jessie and Eric the car guy…stay dirty..cheers

  3. I don’t think those are heels are OSHA approved. It’s the same deal at all the video game trade shows. Bunch of girls dressed in next to nothing trying to sell video games to the press. I think the technical term is booth babe and the funniest thing ever is the guys that do the hover hand when they take the photo it’s on tons of webpages. Back to the original Ebay ad I don’t think Dan has been that excited for Dewalt 18v tools in quite awhile. It still is pretty awesome that this made it as an actual TIA article though 🙂

  4. I don’t know what a cyclorama is and after watching that video still don’t know how to build one…..I think TIA could use an “Ashley” 🙂 Maybe some Unboxing girls? TIA Girls? hrmmmm

  5. They did really a great job for there videos. I meant come on. Hot chicks and powertools. And I like how she said screw and holes…. lol….

  6. Dan, you should have never shown this site… I may never watch your videos again.
    On a similar note, thanks for not dressing like that in your videos, especially the one with the self coiling hose.


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