Making an Impact with the ACDelco ARI2044B and ARI2060


A few months back we told you about ACDelco and the new line of digital tools they had coming out.  Well, we got to try out few and liked what we saw.  They also now have a website  The first tool we checked out was the ARI2044B Li-ion 18V 3/8″ Angle Impact Wrench with Digital Clutch.  It is a 90 degree angle impact for getting the tightest of spaces and laying down 95 ft-lbs (128 Nm) max. reverse torque and 60 ft-lbs (80 Nm).  It puts out  0-2,000 rpm / 0-3,000 imp and has a digital  clutch with 5 torque settings to avoid stripping.


At the base of the unit is an LCD screen that allows you to adjust torque settings, check battery power and has an LED indicator alerting you of the tool’s status.  We found this tool extremely useful at removing brake caliper bolts.


The second digital tool is the ARI2060 Li-ion 18V 1/2″ Super-Torque Impact Wrench with Digital Clutch, this tool we used to remove lug nuts and it worked flawlessly.  It has all the same digital features as the right angle impact but puts out 1100 ft-lbs of max. breakaway torque; 780 ft-lbs of max. reverse torque; and 500 ft-lbs of max. tightening torque applications.  It has  0-1,700 rpm / 0-2,000 ipm.  The clutch settings are great for assembly lines or when you do not want to strip a lug.

ACDelco is on its way to be the Mechanics choice when it comes to automotive tools.  The tools are powerful and durable, exactly what most pro users want.




  1. The super torque impact wrench would definately come in handy when you are in the middle
    of nowhere and Tripple AAA can’t find you or it will take them an hour to get to you and ya have to change a tire yourself. THANKS.


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