Frozen In Time – B-29 Documentary


A B-29 crashes intact in a remote polar wilderness, a team of men set out to fix it and fly it back!  You have to see the ending!  Crack a beer and sit back, it is long but worth it.  These guys have balls of steel!



  1. I won’t give away the ending for those who haven’t seen it but man, what a story. Can you imagine putting that on a resume? ” 1994-95: Treked into the Greenland artic with some buddies, a pair of Carhartt coveralls, 2 combination wrenches and a screwdriver, restored a downed WWII era bomber, and flew that bastard home”. It’s like Bear Gryills meets Macgyver.

  2. I thought this was a tool review site, why is this old crap about planes on here? I think most people want tools, tools, and more tools! If we want old weird topics we’ll watch national geographic.

  3. TIA is about projects as well. Rebuilding a 65 year old B-29 Super Fortress on site in the arctic and trying to fly it home is about as extreme as projects go.

  4. Glacier Girl is another airplane a P-38, rescued from the ice. There is a documentary on this plane as well. There is a very interesting dialog on an ongoing restoration, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museums P-61 project out for those who are really interested in that type of thing.

  5. Wow those guys worked so hard at that, I bet they were kind of upset to say the least for it to end up like that 🙁

    At least no one was harmed and most importantly, no animals where harmed in the filming of this video (lol had to say :))


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