Even Ewoks Need Tools – Finca Bellavista a Tree House Community


Its not often that someone just quits their jobs, packs up and heads out to a remote wilderness to make a tree house village. Well Matt and Erica Hogan watched Star Wars one to many times and decided it was time to start their Ewok village.  They set off to a remote Southern Zone of Costa Rica and began building their village. Complete with Solar Power, running water and even its own zip line transportation system, this is clearly a place that will change your life and allow you to forget about modern day stress.

To build the tree houses you need Power Tools.  In the hot and humid conditions of Southern Costa Rica you need a tool that will last.  Recently we were contacted by Finca Bellavista asking us for some advice on power tools.  They have used all the major brands and the main concern was batteries, they just cannot handle the humidity.  So that being said, we need everyone to chime in on this and let us know what you think will work for Finca Bellavista.  Below are some pictures of the tools they use.  You can visit them at http://fincabellavista.net


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