Dewalt DWE396 Alligator Saw – Europe Only

Aligator saw

The DWE396 Alligator saw looks like a very cool tool.  Not sure why we don’t have it here in the USA but I can only conclude that it has something to do with lawyers.   The saw is designed for cutting clay blocks, but you can adapt it to cut timber and other materials also.  From what I can tell it works like a big electric carving knife.


  1. Had the old one at work..use’d it for cutting a tenon on glue lam beams.. That’s the only thing we used it for timber wise..I can see how it’s handy if your cutting block but ild say it’s limited in its uses,as it’s quite slow at cutting..

  2. I feel like it seems useful for cutting insulation but here in America we cut timber with chain saws, and concrete with the rock boss which is also sort of a chain saw. Man chain saws are awesome, probably not so much for insulation though.


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