Construction Robots – Your job is safe for a while


Robots are taking over the world.  So when I came across this brick laying robot I thought the end was near for the average worker,  However watching it in action, I breathed a sigh of relief.  It is slow and let’s face it, no 2 jobs are the same.  Tradesman always have to improvise and figure things out.  Something that a machine can never duplicate.


  1. I’m still a little bit concerned. You are right one one thing I think this kind of automation will only work on new construction and even then its still a long ways off. Any sort of renovation work has too many little issues that come up.

  2. The nice thing about the robot is that it can work 24/7. It may be slow on a per brick basis but it can lay brick all night long. In our market we have a shortage of brick/stone layers but plenty of caulkers. I, for one, welcome our new brick-laying robot overlords.


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