Civil Engineering Fail – Lunch Break Video



Sometimes a video just boggles my mind.  I am not sure what country this video is from but I cannot believe no one stopped this project from happening.  It legitimizes a building inspector.


  1. RC–Don’t get too smug; things like that happen here, too. And yes, site inspectors ARE necessary to make sure more of them don’t happen. Sometimes it’s a game between contractor employees and the inspector to see if he/she will catch them. Other times, poor workmanship occurs when the inspector is offsite and then are covered over by ongoing construction. And still other times, cheap materials are substituted for those that were spec’d by the engineers to save the contractor money.

    Poor-grade steel and weak concrete (over-watered or not enough cement in the mix) are major culprits, and are often the reason for structural failures. Concrete batches are supposed to be checked for slump (how wide the concrete spreads out on a calibrated board) and for air content before each truckload is permitted to be placed. Weak or dirty aggregate can cause serious problems in the strength of your concrete. So, yes, inspectors are necessary for the overall safety of the project and for adherence to generally accepted construction practices.

  2. Because you need an inspector to point out the absurdity of this situation.
    A lot of stuff like this happens in other countries, and worse.

  3. That looks like 34KV lines. That stuff will reach out and bite you! Those sleeves won’t help in damp conditions at all. If you’ve ever seen the remains of a squirrel who tried to jump across power lines you know what this can do to a person……

  4. Thats just common sense you don’t need an inspector to point that out but if they get away with it in that country they are going to keep doing it


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