Lunch Break Videos

Let’s face the facts, work can be dull, boring and a drag on your day.  Sure there is coffee which can hype you up for a little bit, plus the occasional joke about your boss, but when it comes down to it, sometimes we need more.  Well, you’re in luck because that’s where Tools in Action can bring a smile to your face with our lunch break videos.  Some of our videos are for fun and some are for educational purposes, but mostly fun.  You will find some of the videos to make you appreciate the job you’re in  Sure the grass is always greener on the other side, but let’s face it.  There are still those dead spots and weeds, just like you see on your side.  Grab a cup of coffee, get your napkin out and start eating while watching Tools in Action lunch break videos.  Enjoy the videos.

Dog saves the day – Video

What happens when your out camping with 3 dogs and 2 of them float away in the canoe

You haven’t lived until you have been in a alcohol funny car

0 - 300 mph in under 5 seconds.  I know if I ever got the chance to have a ride like this I would...

OSHA will love this one! – Video of the Day

Now that is what I call a good safety harness!  This looks like a blast, until the boss comes back from lunch.  

Video of a 747 vs a car

The English Top Gear is awesome! I worked on the ramp at a few airports for many years and have seen a few jet blast...

Time Lapse Footage – Titanic

They did all this for a movie!  Good thing it was a good movie.  

Video of the day

When business gets slow, throw your wife in a tight outfit and boots and let her boobs sell!  Looks like I am going to...

Farming Russian Style

To him it is work, but to some it is the greatest moment of their life. 2rvwoNhtpd0

Frozen In Time – B-29 Documentary

A B-29 crashes intact in a remote polar wilderness, a team of men set out to fix it and fly it back!  You have...

A Harbor Freight Moment

Love it or hate it Harbor Freight is awesome for odds and ends.  I love buying hardware and cheap random things from there.  I...

Barrington Concours d’Elegance – Could you please pass the Grey Poupon

Tools In Action recently attended the Barrington Concours d’Elegance, a car show held annually to support the Barrington Area Conservation Trust, an organization that preserves land...

Some cool videos to take your mind off of work

A Giant Vortex Cannon You haven't lived until you have seen a 1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32D in action.

Would your Dad slap you if you gave him a Man Candle?

Thats right,  Man Candles.  I just love the annotations. Riding Mower - Hot sun. Cool breeze. And the intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass. 2X4 - The...

Some crazy roofing vids

This guy needs to admit that he does not have a power nailer because he spends all his money on crack and hospital bills. ...

SJX Jet Boats – The Advantage of a Jet Boat

Jet Boats may be insane at trying to dock, but the advantage of not having running gear below the hull is AWESOME!

The Nut Splitter – Lunch Break

Who doesn't like splitting nuts when you can't get them off?  Check out the Fastorq Auto-Splitter™ Nut Splitter - We need a Milwaukee M12...

TIA Lunch Break – Dash Cams

Here is crazy dash cam footage, first we have some crazy Russians.  The guy sleeping is hilarious. Close Call. Vv4TZ5eaEgc Crazy Motorcycles. yjmtpp7GzhY ZsOOccLv6vg

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