Lunch Break Videos

Let’s face the facts, work can be dull, boring and a drag on your day.  Sure there is coffee which can hype you up for a little bit, plus the occasional joke about your boss, but when it comes down to it, sometimes we need more.  Well, you’re in luck because that’s where Tools in Action can bring a smile to your face with our lunch break videos.  Some of our videos are for fun and some are for educational purposes, but mostly fun.  You will find some of the videos to make you appreciate the job you’re in  Sure the grass is always greener on the other side, but let’s face it.  There are still those dead spots and weeds, just like you see on your side.  Grab a cup of coffee, get your napkin out and start eating while watching Tools in Action lunch break videos.  Enjoy the videos.

SV Seeker – Follow your dream!

Recently I stumbled across a YouTube Channel called Submarineboat.  It looks like something out of water world.  It is about Doug and Kay, a...

Lunchbreak Videos

Here are some videos to help you get through the day!

Actor Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec shows off his shop

Thanks to DR99 for finding this and posting it in our forum.  It seems Nick Offerman has a passion for woodworking.  

Lunch Break Video – Oh Deer

It is amazing that it didn't go through the drivers windshield!     

Friday Lunch Break

Need to hire a crane service?  I would avoid these guys! Don't mess with the Brazilian police.  

Lunch Break Videos

    Nice hat dude!  We really need to try this.   Snow train   Take a flight across Los Angeles in a Robinson R66   Someone's going to lose an arm

Lunch Break Videos

            Let's end the week with some cool videos found on the web.  First we have this Caterpillar D11 operator with balls of steel.  At...

Draw Awesome Diagrams for Free

Sometimes it is easier to draw out a diagram to show the task at hand.  Programs like Microsoft Visio are great but come with...

Lunch Break Videos

    It's Friday, time to throw your feet up on the desk of your foreman while he is out golfing.   Be sure to watch...

Bamboo Scaffolding – OSHA just SH*% Their Pants

In the USA we have OSHA and building inspectors.  OHSA protects the worker while the building inspector protects the government.  They then report your...

Found on Youtube – Strange Gears

      Check out this cool video we found on youtube.  It looks like it would not work, but it does!  This guy spent a lot...

Railroad Thermite Welding – How they do it

  Railroad Thermite Welding - These guys make it look easy, but this is how you weld 2 pieces of steel track together. 5uxsFglz2ig

Compressorhead Band – Heavy Metal like you have never seen before!

Want to manage your very own band and take in all the money the band makes?  Just build your own band with pneumatics.  That...

Lunch Break Videos

Here is a few videos to enjoy on your lunch break.  First we have an insane fast tractor, the guy driving is nuts 9yHl24QynOM Next we...

Weekend is Here

Well the SEMA show is over and it was a blast.  We are on our way home with more debt and a couple black...

Friday Lunch Break Videos

It's Friday, the weekend is almost here.  Sit back at your desk and watch some videos, the boss doesn't care. This first video gives a...

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