BOLT Trailer Spare Tire Lock


A while back we told you about BOLT, the locks that work with your ignition key.  Since then we have been using them on all our vehicles, it really is so convenient to have all my locks keyed to one key, my ignition.  As you know we are reviewing the PJ trailer and it has a spare tire.  We live in one of the highest murder rates in America thanks to its unconstitutional no gun law.  You cannot defend yourself in Chicago, only the criminals and cops have guns.  Chances are at some point someone will want to use my spare trailer tire as a quick way to earn a profit so they can buy crack or a gun.  If you ever get the chance to visit Chicago or Illinois don’t forget to stop by the State Prison where you can meet 2 of our governors and Congressman Jesse Jackson, JRwho will be calling it home soon.

Luckily there is no law yet about protecting my spare tire with a trailer lug lock.  The BOLT is simple to install, just put the included bracket between the lug and the wheel and that’s it.  A thief cannot cut through this, it locks the wheel in place.  One thing that I am loving about the BOLT lock is that it is covered and protected, even in the coldest, iciest conditions, it always works.   To set the lock you simply rotate the key to the right and it learns your code, it is literally that easy.  I really feel that the tire is secure now.  BOLT locks are top notch automotive grade quality, make no mistake they are not just a padlock.  Check out BOLT





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