BOLT – Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology


BOLT is one of those ideas that just makes sense, it allows you to use your existing vehicle ignition key with BOLT high quality locks.  I know what you are thinking, sounds gimmicky.  I thought that at first until we got some samples to test.  The locks themselves are high quality automotive style locks.  Think of them like the door locks in your car, only nicer.  Bolt offers padlocks, cable locks, receiver locks, trailer spare tire locks and even tool box locks.

How does it work you ask?  Do you remember Terminator 2, when the robot turned into the liquid? It is classified as T2 Liquid Metal.  Just kidding,  actually it is spring loaded plate tumblers that learn your key when you first insert it.  Then when you rotate the key to the right for the first time it locks them into position, so it matches your key and only your key.  You can see a video on the technology here.

The first thing you notice when you open the package is the overall quality and weight of the lock, it has over-molded rubber all around the base.  On the receiver and cable locks they also have a protective cap to keep out the elements.  This is a huge help for sub freezing weather, it makes the lock always ready to operate.  I wish I had a BOLT lock when I had an unprotected lock freeze up.  What a huge pain it was to unthaw and I was on a time crunch, it can literally leave you stranded.  When you get a new lock it has a seal that tells you the vehicle it works with like a Ford, Dodge or Chevy.  You can use their website to figure out what products work with your vehicle here.

After you remove the seal you simply insert your ignition key and rotate right then when it stops, return to the left and that’s it.  Your lock is now keyed to work with your ignition key.  It amazed me every time I keyed a new lock, is is just so simple and works great.  To test it we used Eric’s key to try and break into my lock and he could not open it.  The feel of the lock as you twist it is smooth and fluid.  It really feels like there is some quality components inside.  Bottom line is these locks work as advertised and are great.  We need to start a one key for everything initiative, one key for your car, house, locker, locks, piggy bank.

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