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Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver – The Future is Here

Just when you thought palm screwdrivers were not cool comes the Black and Decker Gyro.  It is an innovative 4v palm held screwdriver that engages via the twist of your wrist rather than with a conventional trigger.  Rest your palm on the switch and twist, the greater you twist the fast it goes all the way up to 180 RPM.  Never before has 4v power felt so good,  it is spot on accurate and has some good torque.  No matter what angle you start at the gyro is relative, so once you engage the palm switch right goes right and left goes left.  It does take a bit of getting used to.  When we held the driver in a comfortable position, our palms wouldn’t stay directly on the switch and we usually ended up using our thumbs to activate the switch.

A bright white LED illuminates most of the work area but not the actual screw head which creates a shadow that keeps the bottom half dark. The white LED also informs you of charge status. Black and Decker palm drivers can take a beating, I have had some previously and for small punch list projects they work great.  The addition of the Gyro technology makes an already good product even better.  I must admit I spend most of my time just playing with the tool in amazement!  The lithium Ion technology will hold a charge even when left in a drawer for 18 months.


The Gyro goes on sale October 1, 2012 for under $40 and has a 2 year warranty.  Dads all over world will love this as a Christmas present, check out Black and Decker.



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