Bamboo Scaffolding – OSHA just SH*% Their Pants


In the USA we have OSHA and building inspectors.  OHSA protects the worker while the building inspector protects the government.  They then report your information to the tax assessors who raise your taxes because we all know the government needs more money.  Enough about the red tape we have to deal with here in the USA.  In Hong Kong they use Bamboo as scaffolding with nylon ties.  This is no joke, look at how they deliver it.

Check out this Scaffolding guide from the Hong Kong building department

16 Impressive examples of bamboo Scaffolding




  1. The delivery was cool. BUT if I had to get up on the scaffol I would have to bring
    along a case of DEPENDS, or there would be a whole lotta crap falling from the sky.

  2. I do see some fall protection on the workers, but no way I would trust the bamboo system. I’ll take good ol fashion steel under me.

  3. Ha this is quality compared to the bamboo scaffolding I see here in Cambodia, bamboo, tree limbs, shoe strings, truck bumpers, ect you get the pic, all those years I’ve spen in OSHA training out the window here.

  4. I bet this makes the liberal environmentalists happy. If we did this here they would be heavily fined, but at least they would be “green” while doing. Win, win.


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