16 Year Old Builds Tiny House on a Trailer


When I was 16 my priorities were beer and girls.  Well Austin Hayes a 16 yr old decided to get a trailer and build a small house on it.  Turns out it that it is a really nice house.  The 130 square-foot house has all the amenities plus the ability to be towed to a new location.  In recent years tiny houses are becoming more and more popular.  Don’t like your property taxes?  Just hook up and move to a new location.


Or you could use shipping container



  1. I have to say the whole micro house is a pretty interesting concept. I think we went a little too crazy during the high flying 90’s when it came to home construction. It seemed like Poulte Homes a national builder who was based in the Detroit area at one point would only build 3,000sq monsters. The problem with big houses is the cost to maintain them people are starting to feel the pain on having to do repairs on them. They tended to use the lowest quality products painted T11 siding and cheap shingles they are all coming to their end of life and either need repair or replacement and its thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

    • All builders use the cheapest crap they can use and get away with. That is a whole other problem with most manufacturers, It is a disgrace the way things are made now a days. But living in a cracker box house is not the answer in my eyes. Cool thing to have and make for a school project that is for sure. Nice job by him and will serve his well in his life. But him talking about living in it all through high school and college is pretty funny. He will look back on that and get a good laugh.


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