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Yard Force YF2200BL Electric Pressure Washer

There are a ton of pressure washers to pick from.  You can pick from gas, electric or battery operated machines.  Even psi is widely varied from machine to machine. However if you’re a homeowner looking for an all around quality machine that has some pretty cool bells and whistles, not to mention powerful, the Yard Force might be something right up your alley. This is the first time I have had any experience with Yard Force.  In fact, I had not heard of them until we went to GIE this year.  This pressure washer caught our eye as it...

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Let the Giveaways Begin – Yard Force YF8000

The Yard Force YF8000 is a mean machine.  It rips leaves to shreds!  It saves you money over time.  If you are into mulching then this machine is a no brainer!  We have been using it for a few weeks now and every neighbor wants to borrow it.  Thanks to Yard Force we are giving one away.  You have to comment and like on our Facebook to enter to win.  Winner will be chosen Monday Nov 23 and announced of Facebook.  Click here for Facebook. Good...

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Yard Force YF8000 Electric 13 Amp Leaf Shredder / Mulcher

Yes it’s that time of year when the leaves fall and it’s time to clean the yard.  If you’re like me, you try and find every excuse to avoid the raking and the bagging.  I really don’t mind the raking, but I really hate the bagging.  We have these Eco friendly paper bags that always tear.  Seriously, every time I have to use these bags, I am cussing and swearing at the person who had this bright idea to go Eco friendly.  I don’t mind being more friendly to the environment, but give me something that makes my life...

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