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EZ Red Extra Long Flex Head Spline Ratcheting Wrenches

If you’ve done much work on cars, equipment, or much of anything really, you’ve undoubtedly realized that there are certain situations where your wrench or ratchet just isn’t long enough. A confined space in an engine compartment, a stubborn fastener that requires a little extra leverage, or any of the countless other situations where a little extra length is in order, will quickly kindle an appreciation for long pattern wrenches. EZ Red has taken the concept to a whole different level with their Extra Long Flex Head Spline Ratcheting Wrenches. Ratcheting wrenches, flex heads, Spline drive, and long pattern wrenches...

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New Combo Wrenches From TEKTON

I’ve always advocated TEKTON as a great option for the budget minded wrencher, but combo wrenches were one of the weaker areas of the line. The carbon steel construction was fine for a road set or something, but I was hesitant to put my name on the line to recommend them as a primary set. I’m not implying carbon steel wrenches aren’t usable, but they are certainly  lower grade wrench than the alloy wrenches we’re accustomed to today. As we’ve seen time and time again, TEKTON is constantly improving their line to bring better quality products to the table,...

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Proto Clik-Stop Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches have been around in some fashion since as early as 1842 . While the origin of the basic style as we know it today is subject to some debate, it is typically credited to Swedish Inventor Johan Petter Johansson of the Bahco Company and based on a patent dated 1891. Popularized in America by the Crescent Tool Company of Jamestown, NY around 1915 as a tool intended for making brake and clutch adjustments, the adjustable wrench quickly gained popularity for it’s versatility. Versatile and handy as they may be, adjustable wrenches have their limitations. Like any tool,...

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TEKTON – A Look At Some New Products

TEKTON has become a regular fixture at TIA. I’ve checked out several of their products over time and I’ve been consistently satisfied with the value that their tools offer. They aren’t Snap-On or Proto, but they don’t claim to be nor do they try to be. TEKTON specializes in affordable, quality, tools, with the DIY guys in mind. They offer a lifetime warranty on their hand tools and you won’t find better customer service anywhere. When you need a cost effective solution, TEKTON is definitely worth a look. They recently sent over some new products for us to check...

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Proto Ratcheting Combination Wrenches – Review

Compared to most mechanics tools, ratcheting combination wrenches are relatively new to the market. Despite their short existence, they have firmly established their place as a staple in toolboxes everywhere, so much so that some mechanics and DIY’ers have phased out traditional combos altogether. I’m something of a traditionalist when it comes to hand tools and while I love the functionality and convenience ratcheting combos provide, when it comes down to busting that old, rusty, corroded, fastener, I instinctively reach for the traditional combo. I’ve used models from I couldn’t tell you how many manufacturers, but none of them...

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Proto “Anti-Slip Design Combo Wrenches – Review

Proto “Anti-Slip Design Combo Wrenches Of the dozens of types of wrenches, combination wrenches are by far the most common. First introduced in 1933 by the Plomb Tool Company (Plomb became Proto in 1948), the combination wrench quickly gained prominence due to the versatility of having open and box ends on the same wrench. 1933 Plomb Tool ad: We won’t speculate as to whether Plomb was referring to “Skinned Knuckles” or taking a jab at The SK Hand Tool company Today combination wrenches are an essential part of any tool collection and while the overall design hasn’t changed much...

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Gear Wrench – Innovative Hand Tools

I have been a fan of GearWrench for years, I loved their ratcheting wrenches and have had a set for years.  GearWrench has changed in that time, with some new and innovative products that make great Christmas gifts. XL X-BEAM™ FLEX – Recently I put these to use when I helped out at our local marina and I must say I am sold.  The X-Beam design allowed for more surface area and the wrenches are longer allowing for more torque.  The wrench is precise with only 5 degrees of swing needed.  It comes in a 12 piece metric 85888 and...

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