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Worx Trivac WG502 3-in-1 Blower / Mulcher / Vacuum Review

Wait, didn’t you already do a review of the Worx Tri-Vac?  Why yes we did. That was nice of you to notice and it tells me you have been a fan of TIA for a long time especially since that was posted two years ago. Okay,  if you are not familiar with the Worx Tri-Vac, you can check out the link above as that is our first review and has all the details.  So why are we reviewing this again?  Well because they made a small upgrade that is worth mentioning.  Before it had a hard plastic impeller that...

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Worx Trivac All in One – Review

If you’re like me and hate the spring and fall leaf pick up, you might want to keep reading this review of the Worx Trivac 3 in 1 system.  My kids aren’t old enough to pick up the leaves and do yard work for me why I sit around, but one day they will be.  Until then I guess I have to tough it out.  One tool we came across, which I am sure you have seen on TV is the Worx Trivac which makes this hassle a lot easier.   Specifications of the Worx Trivac All in one...

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