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WORX 56V MaxLithium Cordless String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger

A couple of weeks ago we did the WORX WG771 56V MaxLithium Cordless 19″ Lawn Mower.  Today we are doing the WORX 56V MaxLithium Cordless String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger.  Both of these tools work off the same battery platform, the 56V Worx.  While I like the fact this trimmer has an edger, I was a little skeptical.  I have never owned a battery powered edger, I have always done my yard by hand, so this was the first thing I tried.  As you can see by the video below, it does a great job.  I like how easy this tool converter...

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WORX GT 2.0 – Better than ever!

WORX GT 2.0 woo hoo. I must admit I liked the original WORX GT a lot and thought it was a good cordless trimmer and especially a good edger. Early units had a few hiccups with the batteries which WORX resolved. The new 2.0 has refined the WORX GT into one of the best trimmers on the market. Let’s touch base on some of these features. 20V Power: The lithium ion pack is light and packs a punch. While it is not the most powerful cordless trimmer on the market it has ample power and runtime. The compact charger...

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Worx GT 24 V Electric Trimmer/Edger – Review

Who hasn’t stayed up late only to be sucked in by an infomercial promising you the world.  Well I have seen many infomercials and the WORX GT infomercial looks awesome.  WORX recently sent us the 24V WORX GT, it does everything it says it does in the infomercial and overall is a good all around trimmer.  The edging feature is my favorite, the GT edges like a pro thanks to the big wheels, auto feed and 24 volts of power. The unit weighs in at 5.6lbs, I found that for extended trimming it is best to remove the edger...

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