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Worx 56V Turbine Blower WG591

The leaves are falling and the wife is yelling for you to clean up the yard, so what do you do?  Easy, grab the new Worx 56V blower and blow them into your neighbors yard, problem solved.  No more leaves on your yard and the wife is happy.  Okay, before you go and do this, I am sure you want to know a little bit about this blower. The new Worx blower is a 56V air Turbine blower with a whopping 465 cfm and 125 MPH, plenty of power to push those leaves across the street and into your...

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Worx Trivac WG502 3-in-1 Blower / Mulcher / Vacuum Review

Wait, didn’t you already do a review of the Worx Tri-Vac?  Why yes we did. That was nice of you to notice and it tells me you have been a fan of TIA for a long time especially since that was posted two years ago. Okay,  if you are not familiar with the Worx Tri-Vac, you can check out the link above as that is our first review and has all the details.  So why are we reviewing this again?  Well because they made a small upgrade that is worth mentioning.  Before it had a hard plastic impeller that...

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Worx 32V Blower/Sweeper Review – Model WG575

Worx released their new 32V blower/sweeper and I have to say, it’s pretty cool.  We first saw this blower at the NASCAR event we attended not too long ago.  We saw the guys in the pits using this to blow part of pit row clean. I used this the other day and it was awesome.  I have used it to clean my walk, garage and patio, but the other day it came in very handy.  I was filling in cracks in a brick walk.  I used the blower up close to blow the cracks clean of debris.  Then after I...

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Worx Trivac All in One – Review

If you’re like me and hate the spring and fall leaf pick up, you might want to keep reading this review of the Worx Trivac 3 in 1 system.  My kids aren’t old enough to pick up the leaves and do yard work for me why I sit around, but one day they will be.  Until then I guess I have to tough it out.  One tool we came across, which I am sure you have seen on TV is the Worx Trivac which makes this hassle a lot easier.   Specifications of the Worx Trivac All in one...

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