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Werner MT Series Multi Ladder Review – MT 26

Ladders are a must for any homeowner or contractor.  In fact, there have been so many ladders developed over the years, it’s hard to keep track.  There are step ladders, attic ladders, roof ladders, extension ladders, stair ladders, rope ladders, pool ladders and the list goes on.  I would have to say the coolest ladder is the Multi-Ladder.  For me the Multi-ladder is the best for a bunch of reasons.  Currently, I have an extension ladder, a large step ladder, a short step ladder and a small platform.  If I had a large garage, it would be no big...

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Werner PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank Review

We recently had a chance to review the Werner MT26 Multi-ladder.  If there is one thing Werner knows, it’s ladders.  The ladder is solid, well built and stable. One great thing about this multi-ladder is the ability to use it as a scaffold, which can be very useful.  However to use it as a scaffold, you need a plank, which brings me to the PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank by Werner. Now you don’t have to have the MT 26 to use this plank, but it sure makes it a nice set up.  Before I go on, I do want...

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