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Veto Pro Pac MC Tool Bag – Mini Tool Bag

If you need the toughest bag in the industry you go Veto Pro Pac.  We have been using them for a few years now and they have yet to disappoint.  Veto is releasing new ones to keep up with the demand and needs of the tradesman.  The bags are made from the highest quality materials.  Get yours with free shipping from the Tool Nut The bottom of the MC is just like any other Veto, it is made from a 3MM thick polypropylene base.  This keeps out moisture when you set it down.  The bag is 1800 PVC Denier...

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Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Veto Pro Pac products.  Nothing comes close to protecting and organizing your tools.  Lately they have been cranking out some great new products like the Backpack and TP series.  Now they have released the CT “Cargo Tote”  The carry all of tool bags.  These bags are tough, they are made from the same 1800 denier nylon as the rest of the Veto Pro Pac line up.  This material resists tearing and ripping like no other bag on the market.  We actually shot up a Vet Pro Pac with over 200...

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Veto Pro Pac – Tech Pac

Tool bags are great, but they hamper your ability to carry anything else when you transport them. Backpacks are a great option to keep your hands free to carry other items to the job site.  They even allow you traverse more terrain and climb ladders.  Veto Pro Pac has recently released a new back pack for the professional technician.  The backpack has all the features of the Veto line up.  A thick 3mm waterproof base protects your tools from whatever wet things you set it in.  The entire bag is weatherproof and uses marine grade rivets .  The base...

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Veto Pro Pac TP4 – Tech Tools

Veto Pac Pac has hit the scene hard the past few years and has become to be known as the toughest soft sided bags you can find.  We have yet to completely destroy a Veto Pro Pac and trust us we have tried.  We even shot one up here.  Recently Veto introduced a smaller tool pouch and meter bag the TP3 and MB.  I personally have been using both everyday for my networking jobs.  The TP3 just clips onto my belt and I am off, my most used tools are on my person and easily accessible.  Veto has now...

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Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC 1 – Toughest Backpack on the Planet

Our favorite soft tool bags announced that they are coming out with the TECH PAC 1.  It has most of the features you would expect from a Veto Pro Pac including 47 pockets to hold just about anything.  This bag is great for anyone who is mobile and needs a hands free solution for situations like tower workers, paramedics, HVAC techs or just anyone who wants the best backpack on the planet.  Don’t believe us?  Check this out Check out Veto Pro Pac...

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Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC Review

It is no surprise that Veto Pro Pac is our favorite tool bag, we use them constantly to transport our tools.  Not one has ever had a quality issue or failed on us.  Veto starts with a thick 3mm thick polypropylene base, that is literally bullet proof.  In the picture below we shot up a Veto XXL, it absorbed the bullets and self sealed itself like some futuristic military armor.  This gives me a good secure feeling that my tools will not get wet on any surface I place the bag. [pptgtool]lVuUoiIyF90[/pptgtool] The Tech-LC is the size of the...

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Veto Pro Pac TP3 and MB Tech Bags – It Keeps Getting Better!

What happens when a Veto Pro Pac gets pregnant?  It has little Veto Pro Pac babies.  Ok, before I start going into all the technical jargon like PVC Impregnated denier nylon, double stitched heavy duty plastic coil zippers,  industrial double stitched stitching.  I am just going to tell what I really like about these new small bags.  They are perfect for service jobs and punch list items,  I hook mine onto the side of my VPP LC.  If I get to a job and only need a few tools I can grab my TP3 that has my commonly used tools in.  This way I don’t...

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Veto Pro Pac LT – The Worlds Toughest Laptop Bag

Veto Pro Pac has taken its literally bullet proof bags and designed what is the ultimate tech laptop bag. If the military needed a laptop bag for the troops, the Veto Pro Pac LT would be it. It has 34 pockets in total that holds just about everything you can imagine. Tablets, cameras, laptops, catalogs, tools, just about everything you need for field service fits nicely in this bag. It even has wetsuit like material pockets that contour to whatever is in there. Dedicated thumb pockets hold thumb drives and any other small devices you may have. The base...

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Veto Pro Pac LC Revisited

There are tool bags and then there is the Veto Pro Pac.  We shot the XXL up with guns over the summer and still use it.  It works like a charm except for it rattles from all the shot gun pellets rolling around on the bottom.   Towards the end of the summer I had a chance to use the LC on a project winterizing boats.  It was one of the harshest environments the bag would ever see.  The 3mm plastic base was awesome as it kept all my tools dry.  What I really liked is that you can...

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Tool Tales – Tell us your tool story and win a Veto Pro Pac

Expired   Every tool has a tale to tell, whether it has been handed down through generations or worked most of its life on a job site, they all have a story to tell.  My tool is the Stanley Yankee no.15a.  It started its life in London, England.  I am not sure what year, but I would guess sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s.  My grandfather was a London Taxi driver and worked on his own taxi in his small garage under his house.  I remember being a kid and my eyes would gleam every time I...

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