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Weather Guard Truck Box Review

Are you looking for a professional truck box?  If so, look no further.  I have to say I found the almost perfect saddle box, the Weather Guard Saddle Box.  Take a look around and you will see a lot of companies offer these boxes, but I personally think no one makes them like Weather Guard.  Look on the back of trucks and chances are you will see a Weather Guard.  Look on company trucks and you will see the same thing.  The reason being is because they are proven.  They are proven tough and proven to protect your valuables....

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Kobalt Full Size Contractor Truck Tool Box from Lowes

Who doesn’t like extra storage?  I have an extended cab, so the only storage I have is under a small back seat in the truck.  What better way to collect more junk than to have a truck tool box.  Well actually this is one place I am hoping I don’t just store junk.  We installed the Kobalt Full Size Contractor Truck Tool Box.  The box has 13.69 cubic feet of storage.  There are push button locks on each side of the box, so a user can access it from the driver’s side or passenger’s side of the truck.  Just...

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