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Trimax TCL75 Wheel Chock Lock – Best option for securing your trailer

We have a pretty kick ass trailer, a 2013 PJ trailer that has to be one of my favorite things,  Unfortunately the area I live is anti gun so there is major crime.  I needed a solution to keep the trailer secured.  While no trailer security lock is going to prevent a determined thief they can slow down and deter thieves.  On the best options I have found so far is the Trimax TL75, it does 2 jobs, locks the wheel and acts a chock to prevent the trailer from rolling. I had a Gorilla lock on the tongue...

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2013 PJ 16′ Tandem Axle Utility Trailer – Review

Tools In Action needed a trailer to haul around various things.  We took a ride to our local dealer, Northern Illinois Tool and Equipment who showed us their vast trailer line up.  PJ stood out, they  had all the features we wanted plus a strong 4″ channel frame.  PJ has made a name for themselves in the industry as being an innovative and quality trailer manufacturer.  We spoke with Rick over at N.I.T.E. who suggested we order a custom PJ.  I really recommend you speak with your local dealer before you purchase a trailer.  There are many options and...

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Gorilla-Lift Trailer Tail Gate Assist

We love our PJ trailer and when we ordered it, we added the split heavy duty gate option.  Little did we know how heavy the gates were, they even come from PJ with springs to alleviate some of the weight.  I went searching for the available gate lift assist options online and one stood out “Gorilla-Lift”.  Why did it stand out you ask?  Well because it is the cleanest installation I have seen and does not have gaudy and dangerous springs hanging out.  The unit uses 2 heavy duty springs that are nicely  protected in 2 yellow powder coated...

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