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Friday Night Tool Fight – Best Multi Oscillating Tool

We take a look at the 3 top brands of oscillating tools.  We tested both corded and cordless.  Our test was not scientific at all.  It also wasn’t consistent as we used different blades.  We just wanted to give our opinions of what we liked and what we didn’t.  Watch the video to see the tests. Here are our final results: Cordless Multi Tool 1. DeWALT DCS355 via Amazon – The DeWALT just barely edged out the Bosch in the cordless category.  We liked the ergonomics and power.  The DeWALT along with its Porter Cable sibling have the quickest accessory...

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It’s That Time of Year – Heated Jacket Season

Winter is here or at least in the Chicagoland area it is.  I actually woke up yesterday and saw the grass filled with snow.  So I figured it was time to break out my heated jacket and stay warm.  There are a lot to pick from.  Milwaukee started it all and soon followed by Dewalt and Bosch.  This year it looks like Craftsman and Makita are entering the market.  So which one is the right one to pick from?  Well it depends upon what your looking for.  Bottom line, none of the original three are bad options.  If you...

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Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

We all know that Klein makes some of the best hand tools around, but recently I just found out how great their Tradesman Pro Backpack is.  Can I end a sentence with is?  Not sure, but the one thing I am sure of is if your looking for a mobile backpack that is tough and easy to organize, then you might want to take a look at the Klein backpack. The Klein backpack has 39 pockets to store your tools.  It’s not just a coincidence that the inside of the tool bag is orange, it actually has a function.  With...

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Friday Night Tool Fight – Milwaukee vs Dewalt 12V Impact Driver

Friday is here and Tools in Action has another tool Fight.  This week we did 12V Impact Drivers, well just two of them.  We took the Milwaukee M12 Fuel vs the Dewalt 12V.  I am just going to cover a little of each tool and let the video do the rest of the talking. The Milwaukee M12 Impact is model 2453-20 (Bare) and 2453-22 (Kit).  The Dewalt model number is  DCF815 (Bare) and  DCF815S2 (Kit). Is this really comparing apples to apples?  No, because there are some significant differences.  However these are the top tools each company is offering...

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DeWALT 20V vs Milwaukee 18V – Friday Night Tool Fight

Chevy vs Ford, Lowes vs Home Depot and Boeing vs Airbus are all good examples of rivals.  Well we took two of the biggest tool brand rivals and put their latest 20V and 18V drills to the test.  Don’t be fooled by the 20V MAX you don’t get an extra 2 volts, the M18 is also a 20V MAX.  Basically fully charged under a no load condition both batteries have 20V.  DeWALT decided to market it as a 20V which other manufacturers are also doing now.  We used Milwaukee’s “Drill Killer” 1″ auger bit, which earned  this name after...

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Friday Night Tools Fight – Cordless Jig Saws

OK, it’s not Friday night, but we recently did a Friday Night Tool fight between the Dewalt, Milwaukee and the Metabo cordless Jig Saws.  All of these Jig Saws are sold as bare tools or in a kit.  The model number on the Milwaukee is 2645-22, Metabo STA 18LT and the Dewalt is DCS331. We tested each Jig Saw with a 4 A/h battery.  We used Bosch Jig Saw wood blades to cut through a 2×4.  We wanted to see how many feet we could get off each fully charged battery.  Next we did a quick scrolling test to...

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DEWALT DCD985 vs Milwaukee M18 2604 – Cant we all just get along!

A few months back Milwaukee Tool started comparing 18V FUEL drills to the Makita 2nd generation brushless 18v Drill.  Milwaukee pretty much smoked the Makita!  So now that Milwaukee is gloating as the king of the hill, DeWALT  has to come along and rain on the parade.  DeWALT has released some durability videos comparing the two. I am a huge DeWALT fan and think the DCD985 is the best drill on the market and it is not even brushless,  however I have to leave that at the door on this one and let my editorial instinct take over.  To be fair...

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Friday Night Tool Fight – Dewalt vs. Milwaukee Brushless Impact Drivers

We have been receiving a lot of emails about our tool fights and when we will be putting the Milwaukee against the Dewalt Impact Drivers.  Well we listened and gave it a shot.  Now before the emails come in saying we did this wrong or that wrong, let’s get a couple things straight.  We are not engineers, we are not scientists.  We are just two dudes who love tools and have fun with them.  There are so many ways to test tools such as torque, battery life and more.  Again, we are just having fun and yes we know...

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Milwaukee vs. Dewalt 12V Impact Wrench

In this corner we have the Milwaukee M12 Impact Wrench model 2451-22.  In the other corner we have the Dewalt 12V Impact Wrench model DCF813S2.  Okay that was a little cheesy, but this is our first Friday Night Tool Fight.  Before this little showdown started, I did talk a pretty big game as I am a huge Milwaukee fan.  However, Dan had his own smack talk, even with his ripped up jeans. Before we get started there is a lot more to true comparisons than what we did.  There are other factors like how long the batteries last per...

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